What is Alt + 2 keyboard shortcut for?

This shortcut is used by 51 programs in our database.

There isn't any generic description for this shortcut.

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What this shortcut does in different programs?

  1. Keyboard symbols - ☻ (smiley symbol)
  2. GOM Player - (numpad) Decrease vertical spacing
  3. Black Desert Online - All chat
  4. REAPER - Regions: Go to region 02 after current region finishes playing (smooth seek)
  5. REAPER - Mode: Drum Map

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1Password - View all your items.

E-Sword - Bookmark 2

Feedreader - Switch to wide view

Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 - Full Screen

Keyboard symbols - ☻ (smiley symbol)

Maxthon - Save the current form data as default

Mozilla Thunderbird - Week view

Skype - Open contacts

Skype - Navigate to contacts

Windows Calculator - Switch to Scientific mode

Text editing

Microsoft FrontPage - Up One Level button: Open the folder one level above the open folder.

WinMerge - Goto Bookmark 2


Adobe Illustrator - Insert trademark symbol

Adobe Photoshop CC - Choose composite channel for adjustment

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Focus on Outgoing Side

Lightworks - Enable twin playing

PhotoDirector 10 - Toggle compare mode on / off

PowerDirector 17 - Open Pan & Zoom function

System tools

Everything - Resize the window to 640 x 497

Developer tools

Atom (Windows) - pane:show-item-2

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - TeamFoundationContextMenus.MergeContextMenu.SetFocusonResultWindow

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - TeamFoundationContextMenus.Commands.GoToTeamExplorerSection2Content

Qt Creator - Toggle Search Results pane

Unreal Engine - Wireframe view mode

winIDEA - Open Output window

Web applications

Facebook (Chrome) - Timeline

File manager

Mp3tag - Filename - Tag

PeaZip - Toggle tool bar

Media player

GOM Player - (numpad) Decrease vertical spacing

MusicBee - Rating Selected Tracks: 2 stars

PotPlayer 1.7 - 45% of desktop size

Windows Media Player 11 - Zoom Videos to 100 percent


Black Desert Online - All chat

Zwift (PC and macOS) - Click 2nd item in list

Social & Messaging

NewsBin Pro - Toggle upper panes (only available in Version 4)


Aegisub - Set the secondary (karaoke) fill color (\2c) at the cursor position

Bluebeam Revu - Sets tab

Figma - Show components

Figma - Show components

Freemind - Browse mode

Kindle for PC - Two-Column

MindMeister - Show 2 levels

Oracle PeopleTools - Returns to the search page from the transaction page.

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Show two days in the calendar

REAPER - Regions: Go to region 02 after current region finishes playing (smooth seek)

REAPER - Mode: Drum Map

REAPER - Mode: Drum Map

SAP NetWeaver Business Client 5.0 for Desktop - Focus on Content Area

Virtual DJ 2018 - Go to cue 2


GeoGebra - to the power of 2

KiCad 5.0.2 - Switch Grid To Fast Grid2

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