GMMK (full size) keyboard shortcuts

GMMK (full size)

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- Shortcuts
Fn +   

Change LED animation speed

Note: When Caps / Num / Scroll lights are blinking, then you have reached the minimum or maximum speed.
Fn + =

Change LED back light color (8 options)

Fn +   

Change LED brightness

Note: When Caps / Num / Scroll lights are blinking, then you have reached the minimum or maximum brightness.
Fn + -

Change LED animiation running direction

Fn + Insert


Effect 1: Single LED color changing effect
Effect 2: Pulsing / Breathing mode
Effect 3: Single LED color (No changing effect)
Fn + Home


Effect 1: LED spreads from point a key was pressed to other keys
Effect 2: Keys light up and fade when they are pressed
Effect 3: LED light spreads to the entire row of the key when pressed
Fn + End


Effect 1: All random colors on all keys changing slowly (fade)
Effect 2: All random colors on all keys changing quickly (no fade)
Effect 3: Each row has its own color, changing slowly (fade)
Fn + Del

Wave #1

Effect 1: Wave effect (with fade)
Effect 2: Wave effect (less fade)
Effect 3: Wave effect in an oval shape
Fn + Page Down

Wave #2

Effect 1: Diagonal oscillating LED effect
Effect 2: Single color LED lighting
Effect 3: RGB LED color cycle
Fn + Page Up


Effect 1: Wave like spreading of LED light from center
Effect 2: Heart shape pulsing and fading of LEDs
Effect 3: Matrix style LED effect
Fn + `

Enable your custom user defined effect

Fn + `

Press again to enter edit mode. Press keys when Caps / Scroll / Num lock lights are blinking you wish to light up

Fn + =

Select which color you would like to change those selected keys to (cycles between 8 colors)

Fn + =

Save settings (Caps / Scroll / Num lock keys should stop blinking)


Fn + Esc then F1 + F3 + F5

Restore keyboard to factory default settings

Fn + Print Screen

Change to 6-Key mode

Fn + Pause

Change to N-Key

Note: Keep this setting set to N-Key if you don't know what this means.

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Program information

Program name: GMMK (full size) GMMK (full size) (Hardware)

Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (or GMMK) is a mechanical keyboard with modular MX switches. It allows to use cherry, kailh or gateron switches. GMMK comes with a RGB backlight and allows use of macros through its software. Full sized version has 440 x 129 x 35,9 mm dimensions and is priced $ 109,95 as of this article written.

Web page:

How easy to press shortcuts: 45%

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1/11/2021 7:48:39 AM Updated program information.

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Platform detected: Windows or Linux

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? start OP says : 19 months ago 10/30/2022 7:31 PM
I purchased because of great review for your key board
? start OP says : 19 months ago 10/30/2022 7:27 PM
I love my new keyboard.

Got it at microcenter dallas. best keyboard I have ever owned.

and y our company is based in Dallas Awesome