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7 years ago
- Shortcuts
Ctrl + Print Screen

Capture full screen

Alt + Print Screen

Capture window

↑  Shift + Print Screen

Capture last region

Ctrl + ↑  Shift + Print Screen

Capture Internet Explorer












↑  Shift

Hold down while clicking elements to select multiple elements

↑  Shift

To draw equilateral shapes (e.g. force a rectangle to be a square), hold down while drawing

↑  Shift

You can hold this key to maintain existing object's aspect ratio while resizing


Hold down to have the object anchored in its geometrical middle

Ctrl + S

Save image to a file

Ctrl + ↑  Shift + S

Choose location and name to save the file

Ctrl + ↑  Shift + C

Copy image to clipboard

Ctrl + P

Send image to printer

Ctrl + E

Open a new message in the default email client, add the image as an attachment


Text tool


Edit text

⤶ Enter

Finish editing

↑  Shift + ⤶ Enter

Insert line break

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Program information

Program name: Greenshot Greenshot (Imaging)

Greenshot is a free program that allows to create full or partial screenshots. The captured screenshot can be annotated and edited with built-in image editor.

Web page:

Last update: 7/7/2020 3:20 PM UTC

How easy to press shortcuts: 87%

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Shortcut count: 22

Platform detected: Windows or Linux

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? Guest #Alt + O OP says: 10 months ago 9/18/2023 6:41 AM
I need some help with Greenshot please
The select destination dynamically enabled was switched off in greenshot. The output was saved to MS Word. I would like to change the output back to where I can edit the screenshot but, I cannot open the app to change the setting and when I right click theit says it is already open and there is no preference option.
? Stuffy OP says: 11 months ago 8/24/2023 11:46 AM
I wish there was a shortcut key to add a border to captured images.

I use this all the time so when I drop screengrabs into a document it's clearer / easier for the reader to discern where the image starts and ends. Particularly when taking a screengrab from a browser and dropping it into a support reply (white background of screengrab merges with white background of page)
? Guest #Fn + F3 says in reply to Stuffy : 7 months ago 12/16/2023 8:02 PM
Hi, same. I wish they had a border shortcut.
? Guest OP says: 15 months ago 5/5/2023 8:56 PM
Why isnt there a zoom in zoom/magnify in the editor?????
? Guest OP says: 4 years ago 11/20/2020 7:18 PM
I wish you could configure Greenshot so that you can use different keyboard shortcuts for "Capture and save to clipboard" and "Capture and open in editor".
? Guest says in reply to Guest : 20 months ago 11/19/2022 7:38 AM
Please!! I still want this. I've been waiting years!
? Anders OP says: 5 years ago 1/20/2020 11:03 AM
Great product!
Why is Ctrl + Shift + C used as the "Copy image to clipboard"? I recan it would be more useful if Ctrl + C is used as the hotkey for "Copy image to clipboard", since this is the generic windows copy function.
? Anders OP says in reply to Anders : 5 years ago 1/20/2020 11:05 AM
Or maybe allow the user to override the Copy image to clipboard via the product setttings.
Zeynel Admin says in reply to Anders : 5 years ago 1/20/2020 1:06 PM
Thank you for your comment! Just a reminder we're not the developer of the Greenshot. Maybe it'll be better if you also write program developer or their community directly, because they probably aren't following these comments here.
? quick OP says: 5 years ago 11/4/2019 3:38 PM
Adding the space bar will force to whatever region your cursor is on.
? djmarx83 OP says: 5 years ago 7/12/2019 4:41 PM
alt + a - this hotkey clears the textbox while you write, so can write everything again, Apparently in polish language we have letter "ą", which we type using alt+a. So as a result while you type in textbox your test disappears !
? Bafeu says in reply to djmarx83 : 4 years ago 6/29/2020 11:48 AM
Dj Marx, Robisz tak, piszesz sobie co tam chcesz, klikasz alt i a, pojawia się ą, wszystko znika. Kopiujesz sobie ą które masz w okienku tekstowym i klikasz ctrl + z, znika ą, ale pojawia się to co znikło i wklejasz skopiowane ą i piszesz dalej ;) Temat klepany w greenshocie od lat, ale nikt już nic z tym raczej nie zrobi :P

Sorry that this is in Polish, but I think other languages don't have this problem :P