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7 months ago
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Alt + G

Go to Global Search field

To narrow down your search, use these terms:
Contact = co:
Customer = cu:
Employee = emp:
Estimate = est:
Expense report = exp:
Invoice = inv:
Item = it:
Opportunity = opp:
Sales order = so:

Insert yesterday's date


Insert today's date

↑   Shift + T

Insert tomorrow's date


Instert last day of the month


Increment date one day


Decrement date one day

Page Up

Go to the previous page of the report

Page Down

Go to the next page of the report


Go to the first page of the report


Go to the last page of the report

Alt + G

Focus to the Global Search Field

Ctrl + F5

Refresh current page. Useful on the dashboards

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Program information

Program name: NetSuite (Productivity)

Web page:

Shortcut count: 13

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