Place Anywhere (Fallout 4 mod) game hotkeys

Place Anywhere (Fallout 4 mod)

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
5 months ago
- Shortcuts

Toggle object snapping (you have to cancel current object, if you have selected any)


Toggle ground and surface snapping


Toggle workshop grid snapping


Toggle out-of-workshop timeout


Toggle storing clamped objects in workshop storage, when underlying object is scrapped or stored in workshop storage


Lock / unlock hightlighted object selection. While selection locked, no other object will be hightlighted, when your move your aim on it


Toggle "Place Everywhere" mode (if you enabled the toggle in config)

Num 0

Reset rotation angles X and Y to 0

Num 5

Remove 'tremor' effect

Num 2

Move outlined object down

Num 8

Move outlined object up

Num 4

Move outlined object left

Num 6

Move outlined object right

Num 7

Move outlined object to player

Num 9

Move outlined object from player

Num 1

Scale down outlined object by 10%

Num 3

Scale up outlined object by 10%

Num .

Reset scale of outlined object to 100%

Num -

Decrease rotation angle step

Num +

Increase rotation angle step

Num /

Decrease movement step

Num *

Increase movement step


Turn object physics on (make it movable / droppable if possible)


Turn object physics on (make it static if possible)

or Home
Page Up

Increase scale step

Page Down

Decrease scale step


Toggle extra objects selection


Change rotation axis

⬅ Backspace

Undo last precise movement / rotation / scaling action


Store outlined object position, rotation and scale info


Set X, Y, Z position of stored info to outlined object

or 2
or 3

Set X, Y, Z rotation angles of stored info to outlined object

or 5
or 6

Set scale of stored info to outlined object


Set all stored info to outlined object

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Program information

Program name: Place Anywhere (Fallout 4 mod) (Games)

Place Anywhere is a mod for Fallout 4 video game. It allows user to place objects any location, including water and air.

Web page:

Shortcut count: 39

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