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  1. Grand Theft Auto V - Start recording
  2. The Sims 4 - Live mode (Normal Gameplay)
  3. Fortnite (PC) - Wall
  4. Krita 4.2.2 - Krita Handbook
  5. Minecraft Java Edition - Toggle heads up display (HUD)

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4K Video Downloader - Open help center

Adobe Extension Manager - Help

Apple iBooks - (if you’ve assigned them in the Styles drawer) Apply a paragraph, character, or list style

Audacity - Chooses Selection tool

AVImark - Help

Camtasia - Open help

Camtasia - Open help

ePSXe - Savestate in selected slot

E-Sword - Open manual

Exact Audio Copy - Help

GoldWave - Starts on-line help.

Google Chrome - Open the Chrome Help Center in a new tab

Maxthon - Open a new blank window

Maxthon - URL keys

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Get help & support

Mozilla Thunderbird - Help

NetSurf 3.9 - Open the documentation contents page in a new window

Opera - Open Opera's help window

qBittorrent - Help

Quicken 2018 - Help on the current window

uTorrent - µTorrent help

Vivaldi - Help

Text editing

Adobe Acrobat 2017 (Mac) - Open Help window

Adobe Acrobat 2017 (Windows and Unix) - Open Help window

CherryTree 0.38.8 - Application’s Online Manual

CudaText 1.88.3 - Command palette

gedit - Open the gedit user guide

Joplin - Website and documentation

Microsoft FrontPage - Display the Help task pane.

Microsoft Word 2019 - Get Help or visit Office.com.

Notepad - Open help page in browser

Notepad2 - Display version info

PDF-XChange Editor - Launch online manual.

TextMate - Fold current block

TextRoom - Help screen

TreePad Lite - Manual

WordPerfect X8 - Help

WriteMonkey - Show keyboard shortcuts (will open this list in default browser)

Zim - Show the manual


ACDSee - opens the ACDSee Pro Help file

ACDSee Free - Opens Help

Adobe Illustrator - Invoke Help

Adobe Illustrator (Mac) - Invoke Help

Adobe Lightroom Classic - Open Community Help

Adobe Lightroom Classic (Mac) - Open Community Help

Adobe Photoshop CC - Start Help

Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) - Adobe Premiere Pro help

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Adobe Premiere Pro help

ArtRage Studio Pro - ArtRage Manual…

AutoCAD - Display Help

Autodesk Maya 2019 - Maya Help

Autodesk SketchBook (Windows) - SketchBook Help

Blender - Open file

Clip Studio Paint Pro - CLIP STUDIO PAINT Manual

Darktable 2.6.3 - Filmstrip > Color red

Darktable 2.6.3 - Lighttable > Color red

DraftSight 2019 - Displays help

GIMP - Help

Gmsh 4.1.4 - Mesh lines

Imagine (Image and Animation Viewer) - Help index

Imagine (Image and Animation Viewer) - Help index

Imagine (Image and Animation Viewer) - Help index

IrfanView - Help

Krita 3.0 - Help

Krita 4.2.2 - Krita Handbook

LDView - Help

LightWave 3D - Help

LightWave 3D - Help

Microsoft Paint - Open Paint Help

Navisworks Freedom 2020 - Opens the Help system.

Paint.NET - Online documentation

PaintShop Pro 2018 - Help

PhotoDirector 10 - Open PhotoDirector help

Pinnacle Studio 22 - Open context sensitive help

PowerDirector 17 - Open help file

ProgeCAD - Help

Siemens NX - Contextual help

SketchUp - Help

SnagIt 13 - Show capture help

SnagIt 13 - Open help

Substance Painter - Viewport layout 3D/2D

Substance Painter (Mac) - Viewport layout 3D/2D

Sweet Home 3D - Help

Windows Movie Maker - Display help topics

System tools

Clipboard Master - Quick help

Command Line - Retype previous command characted by character

Everything - Show the Everything help

Gigabyte Aorus motherboard - Show descriptions of the function keys

KDE Plasma Desktop - Help

PhraseExpress - Open documentation

Redox OS - Return to kernel output

Tilda - Pull down and pull up (Hide and Show) Tilda terminal window

VirtualBox 6.0 - Help contents

XenCenter - Display help

ZoomText - Enable/ Disable ZoomText

Developer tools

Atom (Windows) - (Source: Autocomplete Plus) autocomplete-plus:navigate-to-description-more-link

Chrome DevTools - Show settings

CoffeeCup HTML Editor - View help file

Delphi - Display Help

Eclipse - Open Eclipse help

FBIde - Help

FileMaker - Open FileMaker Pro Help

Free Pascal IDE - Help

HeidiSQL - SQL help browser

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Help.F1Help

Notepad++ - About

Qt Creator - View context-sensitive help

Qt Linguist 5.13 - Help

RPG Maker - Bring up the RPG Maker Manual

RStudio - Show help for function at cursor

RStudio (Mac) - Show help for function at cursor

SAP ABAP - Show ABAP Language Help

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - Help

SQL Server Profiler - Display help

SQLyog - Help

Toad For Oracle (Windows) - Cycle through a collection of "child windows" or tabs in a window

TouchDesigner - Perform Mode Enter / Exit

Unreal Engine - Open documentation

Windows PowerShell ISE - (Script pane) Help. Important: You can specify that F1 help comes from the TechNet Library on the web or downloaded Help (see Update-Help). To select, click Tools, Options, then on the General Settingstab, set or clear Use local help content instead of online

WinHex - Open help

File manager

7-Zip - Open 7-Zip Help

Adobe Bridge CC - Display Help

Midnight Commander - Help

PeaZip - Brief translated help instructions

Total Commander - Help

WinNc - Help

WinRAR - Help topics

Xyplorer - Contents and Index: Display the XYplorer help file

Media player

AIMP - Previous track

BSPlayer - About

KMPlayer - Help

PotPlayer 1.7 - About

Spotify - Show help

VLC Media Player - Show help

Winamp - Open help

Windows Media Player 11 - Open Help


AI War Classic - Toggle turn length (ms) display

American Truck Simulator - Mouse control in Route Advisor

Assetto Corsa - Cycle car cameras

Astroneer - Help

Battlefield V - Vehicle seat 1

Black Desert Online - Help

Black Desert Online - Help

Bus Simulator 18 - Toggle 1st/3rd person

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Open friends menu

Company of Heroes - Select HQ

Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Automatically buy equipment

DayZ - Hello

Diablo - Display help

Diablo II - Sets or uses left / right mouse button skills

Dota 2 - Select the main hero

Dota 2 - Toggles Fog of War to show vision of both teams

Dota Underlords - Show your board

Europa Universalis IV - Open main interface

Europa Universalis IV - Cycle the Ledger sections

F1 2019 - MFD shortcut

Flyff - …to F10: Act as hotkeys for items, motions, and skills placed in your Quick Slot Bar. (In order to remove something from the bar, unlock the lock and drag it off the bar.)

Fortnite (PC) - Wall

FreeCell - Help contents

Grand Theft Auto V - Start recording

Grand Theft Auto V - Stop recording

Grand Theft Auto V - Save action replay

Hearthstone - Emote "Greetings"

Kerbal Space Program - Screenshot

Minecraft Java Edition - Toggle heads up display (HUD)

Miscreated - Third / First person camera

Miscreated - Vehicle camera mode

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) - Switch to the Combat tab

Open Rails 0.6.2 - Help

Path of Exile - Performance stats

Pharaoh - Goes to the map location for the F1 bookmark

Place Anywhere (Fallout 4 mod) - Toggle object snapping (you have to cancel current object, if you have selected any)

RimWorld - Opens the Work tab

Rust - Enable the Console

Spintires (PC) - Navigation mode

Spintires (PC) - Save screenshot  (to Steam)

StarCraft 2 - Select spare SCV / Probe / Drone

StarCraft 2 - ... to F8: Toggle views among player 1 to player 8

Subnautica - Debug information menu

Terraria - Toggle camera mode

The Curse of Monkey Island - Bring up Pause menu

The Sims 4 - Live mode (Normal Gameplay)

Tibia - (Healing / Support) Mana potion

Warcraft III - ...to F7: Select corresponding Hero. Two rapid presses center view on corresponding Hero

World of Warcraft - Select yourself

World of Warships - Help menu

Zwift (PC and macOS) - Stick out elbow

Social & Messaging

Cisco Webex - Access Webex Meetings Help

NewsBin Pro - Display help


Kaspersky Internet Security - Open help from the application window

KeePass - Help

Kleopatra 3.1.8 - Kleopatra Handbook


Ableton Live 10 - … to F8: Activate/Deactivate Track 1..8

Ableton Live 10 (Mac) - … to F8: Activate/Deactivate Track 1..8

Accounting CS - Open the Help and How-To Center

ActivePresenter 7 - Help

Aegisub - Help topics

Bluebeam Revu - Open help window

CintaNotes 3.13 - Display help.

draw.io - About

Edraw Max 9.4 - Open help

Evernote for Windows - Online Help

Final Draft 11 (Windows) - Final Draft User Guide

FL Studio 20 - Help

Kindle for PC - Help

Lacerte - Open Help Window

LibreOffice - Starts the LibreOffice Help

Logo Accounting - Help

Lucidchart - Open keyboard shortcuts list

Melodyne 4 - Main / Scroll / Zoom tool

Melodyne 4 (Mac) - Main / Scroll / Zoom tool

Microsoft Access 2019 - Open the Help window

Microsoft Access 2019 - Open the Help window

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Displays the Excel Help task pane

MYOB AccountRight - Help

Oracle RightNow - Help

Oracle RightNow - Help

QTranslate 6.7.3 - Show help

QuickBooks Desktop - QuickBooks Help

Riffstation Desktop - View help

Tableau - Open Help

Tableau - Open Help

The Bat! - Help

Traktor Pro 3 - Selector

UiPath Studio - Enables you to access a help topic associated with the currently selected element

Virtual DJ 2018 - Sampler 1 play_stop

WavePad - Help Contents

WPS Office - Help

yEd 3.19 - Help


Alteryx - Open help page for the selected tool

FreeCAD 0.18 - Help

GeoGebra - Help

GeoGebra - Help

KiCad 5.0.2 - Zoom in

KiCad 5.0.2 - Zoom In

KiCad 5.0.2 - Zoom in

KiCad 5.0.2 - Zoom in

Maple - Quick Help Pop-up Menu

Tekla Structures 20 - Help


Samsung TV - / F2 / F3 / F4 Colour keys perform different functions depending on the TV mode

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