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Unfortunately Valve's Steam client isn't the most keyboard friendly PC software around. If this will improve, we'll update this page. Here are what we've found.

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Program information

Program name: Steam Steam (General)

Steam is a popular game platform for PC which allows you to buy and keep games on your digital library.

Web page:

Last update: 11/11/2019 8:10 PM UTC

How easy to press shortcuts: 81%

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Shortcut count: 6

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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Guest OP says: 3 months ago 10/29/2022 5:48 PM
There already print screen key for print screen. F12 need to duplicate the function

Random Lonely Gamer OP says: 7 months ago 7/8/2022 7:08 PM
how do i make a video on steam

Guest OP says: 10 months ago 3/21/2022 10:57 AM
Is there no shortcut for ignoring a title/game?
It would be much more efficient if I can do it like that.

Guest OP says: 3 years ago 5/10/2020 11:58 PM

Frungi says in reply to Guest: 24 months ago 2/14/2021 11:23 PM
Why doesn’t LITERALLY ANYTHING start a game?

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk Admin says in reply to Frungi: 3 months ago 10/29/2022 6:06 PM
... and can't even Tab to select the Play button.

[email protected] OP says: 3 years ago 9/1/2019 1:13 PM
My play game

VAAM the Anomaly OP says: 4 years ago 1/13/2019 8:21 AM
Here's one i frikken found out the hard way after me and friends thought our mics were messed up. Alt + Tab which is a common windows function to check a background window for ALSO the damn MUTE MIC hotkey.