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Resources were limited for available Xterm keyboard shortcuts. If you know more, feel free to share in the comments and I will add them.

↑   Shift + Insert

Copy selection to cursor


Delete following character

⬅ Backspace

Delete preceding character

Ctrl + C

Cancel or exit current command

Ctrl + Z

Stop current command (send it to the background)

Navigate through previous commands in history

Navigate through next commands in history

Mouse middle click

Copy selection to cursor

Mouse left click + Mouse movement

Select text

Mouse right click

Keep selecting

Ctrl + Mouse left click

Open Xterm customization menus

Source: wiki.c2.com

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Program information

Program name: Xterm (System tools)

Xterm is a terminal emulator for X Window System. Xterm originated before X Window System. It was originally developed as a stand-alone terminal emulator for VAXStation 100. It was later moved into X.

Shortcut count: 11

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