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Registry is a dangerous place, but if you have to modify it, you'll probably use Windows Registry Editor. There are only a few shortcuts for regedit.exe but especially Ctrl + F (Find) and F5 (Refresh) shortcuts may become handy. Unfortunately, you cannot create a key or value with a keyboard shortcut, however you can use the context menu key to open right click menu, then select the option you want.

Ctrl + P




Ctrl + F





Find next




Move between the address bar, key and value panes


Select menu bar

⭾ Tab

Move between the address bar, key and value panes

Open right click menu. You can switch between panes with Tab key before using this shortcut

or ↑   Shift + F10
Num +

Expand the selected branch

Num -

Collapse the selected branch

Num *

Expand all sub keys of selected branch (this will take a few seconds if there're many subkeys)

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Program information

Program name: Registry Editor Registry Editor (System tools)

Registry Editor allows to edit low-level settings for the Windows and installed applications. These setting are stored in a hierarchical database called Registry.

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