Workbench (AmigaOS) keyboard shortcuts

Workbench (AmigaOS)

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- Shortcuts
Amiga + B

Switch on or off the backdrop feature of the Workbench root window

Amiga + E

Execute a command

Amiga + ?

Opens the About requester with version info etc.

Amiga + Q

Quit Workbench

Amiga + K

Closes the selected drawer window

Amiga + A

Selects the contents in the selected window

Amiga + Z

Clears the selection

Amiga + .

Cleans up the window contents by column

Amiga + 6

Cleans up the window contents by name

Amiga + 7

Cleans up the window contents by date

Amiga + 8

Cleans up the window contents by size

Amiga + 9

Cleans up the window contents by type

Amiga + -

Shows only files with an associated icon in the selected window's drawer

Amiga + +

Show All Files in the selected window's drawer (even files with no associated icon)

Amiga + 1

Displays files in icon mode (the default)

Amiga + 2

Displays files by name, sorted in alphabetical order

Amiga + 3

Displays files by name, sorted by date (older to more recent)

Amiga + 4

Displays files by name, sorted by size (smaller to bigger)

Amiga + 5

Displays files by name, sorted by Type (directories first, then files)

Amiga + F

Runs the Find utility allowing you to search for files

Amiga + O

Open selected file(s)

Amiga + C

Clone selected file(s)

Amiga + R

Rename selected file(s)

Amiga + I

Displays all information on the selected icon(s)

Amiga + S

Stores the position(s) of the selected icon(s)

Amiga + U

Clears the stored position(s) of the selected icon(s)

Amiga + L

Moves the selected file(s) from its/their location(s) to the desktop

Amiga + P

Puts the selected left out file(s) back in its/their original place(s)

Amiga + D

Deletes the selected file(s) directly

Amiga + Left Alt

Same as clicking left mouse button

Amiga + Right Alt

Same as clicking right mouse button

Amiga + ← ↑ → ↓

Moves mouse pointer

Amiga + ↑   Shift + ← ↑ → ↓

Moves mouse pointer in larger steps

Five additional Amiga system functions also have keyboard shortcuts:
LeftAmiga + N

Workbench screen to front

LeftAmiga + M

Front screen to back

LeftAmiga + B

Requester OK (leftmost gadget)

LeftAmiga + V

Requester Cancel (rightmost gadget)

LeftAmiga + SelectionButton

Drag the screen whether the pointer is on the title bar or not

RightAmiga +

(click Close Gadget) Closes all open drawer windows

↑   Shift +

(click Zoom gadget) Maximizes a window to full screen without covering the Workbench title bar

↑   Shift +

(drag window) Forces window to stay within the WB screen (when "Off-screen windows dragging" is enabled in Prefs/GUI)

Ctrl + Alt +

(drag window frame) Resizes a window from any edge or corner

Ctrl + Amiga +

(drag window) Moves a window by clicking it anywhere (except active text editors)

LeftAmiga +

(drag screen) Moves or drags down a screen by clicking it anywhere. This can be redefined in Prefs/GUI, where you can also change other aspects of screen dragging

LeftAmiga + N

Flips to the Workbench screen

LeftAmiga + V

Activates the leftmost button in a requester.

LeftAmiga + B

Activates the rightmost button in a requester with more than one button

Amiga + ← ↑ → ↓

Moves the pointer

Amiga + ↑   Shift + ← ↑ → ↓

Moves the pointer faster

Amiga + Right Alt

Performs a RMB (right mouse button) click

Amiga + Left Alt

Performs a LMB (left mouse button) click

These shortcut keys are used by many programs, therefore it is worth learning.
Project menu:
Amiga + O


Amiga + S


Amiga + A

Save As...

Amiga + P


Amiga + ?

About... (not listed in the official standard, but anyway almost always used)

Amiga + Q


Edit menu:
Amiga + X


Amiga + C


Amiga + V


Amiga + Z



(hold during bootup) Early Startup Menu

Scroll Lock

(on PC keyboard, hold during bootup) Early Startup Menu


(hold during bootup) System boot without Startup-Sequence

↑   Shift

Boot without starting anything from the WBstartup drawer

or Alt
or AltGr
Note: The system doesn't determine whether it should start with or without WBStartup until the Workbench is actually being loaded. Therefore you need to keep pressing Alt or Shift key until you see Workbench screen appear.
Ctrl + C

Break signal. It will make a shell program stop immediately

Ctrl + D

Similar to Ctrl + C, except that it breaks a running AmigaDOS script. Normally, a Ctrl + C will break the currently executing command, but if it is running as part of a script, this will just let the next command in the script run

Ctrl + \

Exit the shell. It does the same as hitting the close gadget or typing EndCLI as a command


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Program name: Workbench (AmigaOS) Workbench (AmigaOS) (System tools)

AmigaOS is a operating sistem of Amiga and AmigaOne personal computer. It was initally released on July 1985.

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