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- Shortcuts

Cell moves at the position of the cursor


Eject mass


Split your cell in two or more equal cells


Zoom in / out


When you're split into two smaller cells with Space key, one cell will remain where the splitting cell was, and the other will project forward in the direction of the cursor.
Ejecting mass can be used to feed viruses, allied cells or feeding yourself if you are split into multiple cells. Only 87.5% of the mass lost is ejected.

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Program information

Program name: (Games - PC) is a massively multiplayer online action game developed by Matheus Valadares. In the game, players control one or more cells in a map representing a petri dish. The goal is to gain as much mass as possible by eating agar and cells smaller than the player's cell.

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Last update: 12/27/2019 1:19 PM UTC

How easy to press shortcuts: 95%

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