Escape from Tarkov game hotkeys

Escape from Tarkov

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
11 months ago
- Shortcuts
↑   Shift

Hold Shift while zoomed in with right click to hold breath and steady aim


Switch between fire modes


Inspect your weapon and look for your firing mode

⭾ Tab

Open inventory

Alt + T

Take out the mag and estimate the remaining ammo

↑   Shift + T

Look into the chamber to see if there is a bullet

R then R

Quick reload. This will toss mag on the ground for a quicker reload. Do not forget to pick up your mag afterwards

R + Mouse wheel up and down

Selective reload


Toggle flashlight

Ctrl + T

Toggle laser sight

Alt + Mouse right click

Switch reticles in your red dot sight

Ctrl + Mouse right click

Switch between stacked sights / scopes


Throw grenades

0 - 9

You can drag and drop items from your tactical rig or pockets onto your quick access bar (keys 1 through 0), this also applies to grenades

0 - 9

Select a grenade from your quick access bar (keys 1 through 0) to take it into hands to be able to time your throw


See the remaining time of the raid and get a feel for if it is still worth to check on the early objectives

↑   Shift

Sprint (make sure Hold to Sprint/hold breath setting in Settings > Controls is enabled)




Go prone. When prone, return to your previous stance

C + Mouse wheel up and down

Move through your stance from standing to crouching to prone

⇪ Caps Lock

Instantly go to minimum speed. Press again to return to your previous speed

Alt + Q

Lean left

Alt + E

Lean right

Alt + A

Do a slow left lean

Alt + D

Do a slow right lean

Alt + W

Blind fire above you

Alt + S

Blind fire to your left

Alt + L

Fold / unfold your stock

V then V

Quick melee attack while holding a firearm


Lower your helmet visor


Mumble, if AI is nearby, they will respond to you with a voice line

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Program information

Program name: Escape from Tarkov (Games)

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter game developed by Battlestate Games. Its closed alpha is released for select users in December 2016.

Web page: https://www.escapefromtarkov.c...

Shortcut count: 31

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