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  1. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Voice chat mute/un-mute
  2. SketchUp - Deselect all
  3. Krita 4.2.2 - Transform tool
  4. PuTTY - Swap the last two characters before the cursor
  5. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Slideshows) - View the computer task bar

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Adobe Extension Manager - Export extension list

Ardour - Insert time

Audacity - Remove Special > Trim Audio

Camtasia - Test the menu

Firefox Quantum - New tab

GoldWave - Trims the sound.  Removes all audio outside the selection.

Google Chrome - Open a new tab, and jump to it

Maxthon - Tile windows vertically

Microsoft Edge - Open a new tab

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Open a new tab

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Open a new tab

Opera - Open a new tab

Opera - Browse in new tab

Quicken 2018 - Go to the Memorized Payee List

Skype - Open themes

Vivaldi - New tab

Windows 10 Maps - Show or hide traffic

Windows Calculator - Select tanh

Text editing

Ace Editor - Transpose letters

Bluefish - Autoclose tags

Bluefish - Autoclose

Brackets - Go to Definition

CherryTree 0.38.8 - Find in Nodes names and Tags

gedit - Create a new document in a new tab

GNU Emacs - Transpose characters

Joplin - New to-do

KompoZer - Open New Tab

Metapad - Show toolbar

Microsoft FrontPage - Move through the AutoFilter settings for the columns in Reports view.

Microsoft FrontPage - With the graphic selected, create an auto thumbnail (thumbnail: A miniature representation of a picture on a Web page, usually containing a hyperlink to a full-size version of the graphic. Thumbnails are used to load pages rich in graphics or pictures more quickly in a Web browser.).

Microsoft OneNote - Create a new section

Microsoft OneNote - Create a new section

Microsoft Word 2019 - Create a hanging indent

Nano - Invoke the spell checker, if available

Notepad2 - Tab settings

PDF-XChange Editor - Show/hide thumbnails pane

Scrivener 1.9.9 - Increase text indent

TextRoom - Insert time

Tomboy 0.23 - Fixed width

WordPerfect X8 - Template

WriteMonkey - Strike / unstrike line or selection

Zim - Make selected text verbatim text (monospace font)


ACDSee - Opens the Batch Adjust Time Stamp dialog box

Adobe Animate CC (Windows) - Modify Font

Adobe Animate CC (Windows) - Show or hide the History panel

Adobe Animate CC (Windows) - Scale and/or rotate the selection using numeric values

Adobe Illustrator - Open the Character panel

Adobe Illustrator - Open the Character panel

Adobe Lightroom Classic - Hide/show tether capture bar

Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) - Toggle Trim Type

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Title...

Affinity Photo - Show Character

ArtRage Studio Pro - Load Tracing Image…

Blender - Make Track menu

Blender - Convert selected faces to triangles

Blender - Tilt (Curves)

Clip Studio Paint Pro - Transform: Scale up/Scale down/Rotate

Corel Painter - Tracing paper

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 - Character Formatting

GIMP - Toggle selections

Imagine (Image and Animation Viewer) - Set transparency

Imagine (Image and Animation Viewer) - Set transparency

IrfanView - Insert text into selection

Krita 3.0 - Transform tool

Krita 4.2.2 - Transform tool

LDView - Model tree

LightWave 3D - Drag

LightWave 3D - Tip move

Nuke - Cycle through tabs in the current pane. Note that this does not work if the focus is on the input pane of the Script Editor

Nuke - Add a dissolve between two selected shots

PaintShop Pro 2018 - Mirror vertical

PowerDirector 17 - Split clip at current timeline slider position

QCad 3.22.0 - New

Siemens NX - Move object

Simplify3D - Drop model to table

SketchUp - Deselect all

SnagIt 13 - Flatten

Windows Movie Maker - Switch between the storyboard and the timeline

System tools

Bash (Unix shell) - Swap the last two characters before the cursor with each other

Cisco IOS - Transpose mistyped character

CopyQ 3.8 - New tab

Everything - Toggle always on top

FastStone Capture 9.2 - Make background transparent

Windows Terminal - New tab

Developer tools

Android Studio - Update project from VCS

Atom (Windows) - Open the Fuzzy Finder palette in which you can search and open files

Atom (Windows) - (Source: Fuzzy Finder) fuzzy-finder:toggle-file-finder

Code::Blocks 17.12 - Swap line caret is on with line above it

Code::Blocks 17.12 - Line transpose with previous.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor - Insert target

Delphi - Delete text from cursor position until end of word

Eclipse - Show or open Quick Type Hierarchy for selected item

FileMaker - Text

FileMaker - Toggle the display state of selected tables or notes (Tables can be displayed fully expanded, by table name alone, and by table name and related fields. Notes can be displayed expanded or collapsed)

GitHub Desktop - Repository list

HeidiSQL - New query tab

HeidiSQL - Delete word

IntelliJ IDEA (Windows, Linux) - Update project from VCS

IPython Shell - Transpose (e.g. switch) previous two characters

jEdit - Add marker with shortcut key.

JetBrains WebStorm - Update project from VCS

Matlab - Uncomment

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - QueryDesigner.CancelRetrievingData

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Edit.CharTranspose

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Format.TestDialog

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Image.TextTool

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - QueryDesigner.CancelRetrievingData

Notepad++ - Switch the current line position with the previous line position

Nuclide (Linux) - Use OmniSearch to open files

Qt Creator - Select the kit to build and run your project with

Qt Creator - Activate contents in Help mode

Roblox Studio - Rotate about X axis

RPG Maker - Open the map shifting

RStudio (Mac) - Transpose Letters

SAP ABAP - Open Quick Type Hierarchy

Skipper - Create Entity

SmartGit 19 - Stage

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - Output results in text format

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - Swap the characters on either side of the cursor (Does not apply to the SQL Editor)

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - Cancels or stops the currently running query

SQLyog - New Query Editor

Toad For Oracle (Windows) - Strip code statement

Visual Studio Code (Linux) - Show all symbols

Visual Studio Code (Windows) - Show all symbols

Windows PowerShell ISE - New PowerShell Tab

WinHex - Modify data

Web applications

Chromebook and Chrome OS - Open a new tab

Twitch - Theater mode

File manager

Adobe Bridge CC - Show thumbnail only

FileZilla - Open a new tab

Midnight Commander - tag or untag files. To untag files, just retag a tagged file

Mp3tag - Read tag

Multi Commander - Tab - Duplicate Tab

PeaZip - Test all (when browsing an archive)

PureSync - Settings for synchronazitions

PuTTY - Swap the last two characters before the cursor

WinRAR - Folder tree - Show archive folders

WinSCP - Open terminal window

Xyplorer - New Tab

Xyplorer - New tab

Xyplorer - Transparency Grid

Media player

5KPlayer 6.0 - Open Video_TS

AIMP - Tag Editor

GOM Player - On top while playing

iTunes 11 for Windows - Turn the visualizer on or off

Kodi - Subtitle position control

MediaMonkey - Auto-tag from filename

Microsoft Groove - Repeat on or off

Microsoft Movies and TV - Turn repeat on or off

MusicBee - Create new tab

PotPlayer 1.7 - Cycle stay on top

SMPlayer 19.5.0 - Full screen

SMPlayer 19.5.0 - Full screen

VLC Media Player - Go to time

Winamp - Toggle time display mode


Anno 1800 - Display subtitles

ARK: Survival Evolved - Transfer Item

Assetto Corsa - Cycle traction control modes

Assetto Corsa - Traction control levels (off, 1-4)

ChessBase 13 - Show tournament index of the selected database

Escape from Tarkov - Toggle laser sight

FlightGear - Toggle terrain follow (AGL) lock

NetHack - Teleport

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Voice chat mute/un-mute

Ring of Elysium - Turn the voice chat off

The Curse of Monkey Island - Toggle voice and / or text

Tibia - Open and switch to the Help Channel

Tibia - Open the Help Channel to get help by experienced players

Zwift (PC and macOS) - Toggle hotkeys on / off

Social & Messaging

Claws Mail - Toggle threaded display

eM Client - Translate email

NewsBin Pro - Toggle date / age (available after Version 5.5 series)

Pidgin - File transfers

Slack - Quick switcher (only in desktop app)


Comodo IceDragon - New Tab


Ableton Live 10 - Insert Audio Track

Accounting CS - Toggle to hide or unhide the Pages frame

Bluebeam Revu - New WebTab

Browser tab management - New tab

Browser tab management - New tab

Browser tab management - New tab

Evernote for Windows - Strikethrough

Evolution - Go to today

FL Studio 20 - Typing keyboard to Piano keyboard

FL Studio 20 - Toggle typing keypad to piano keypad

FL Studio 20 - Add Time Marker

Google Sheets (Android) - Insert new sheet

Guitar Pro - Time signature

Kindle for PC - Toggle Text-to-Speech

LibreOffice - Opens the Enter Title dialog

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Display the Create Table dialog box

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Displays the Create Table dialog box

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Creating presentations) - Open the Font dialog box to change the formatting of characters

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Slideshows) - View the computer task bar

Microsoft Sticky Notes - Strikethrough

MYOB AccountRight - To do list

Nimbus Note - Insert table

Notezilla - Assign tags

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Post a reply in the selected folder

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Increase indent

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Create a hanging indent

QuickBooks Desktop - Opens the Memorized Transaction List

REAPER - Track: Insert new track

Relativity - New tab

SAP NetWeaver Business Client 5.0 for Desktop - New Tab

The Bat! - Copy thread

UiPath Studio - Places the activity inside the Try section of a Try Catch activity

WavePad - Trim

Xactimate - Open Totals Summary Report


FreeCAD 0.18 - Test1

KiCad 5.0.2 - Create Array

KiCad 5.0.2 - New project from template

Maple - Text Input Mode

Maple - Show Completion Matches

Tekla Structures 20 - Toggle orientation

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