What is Alt + L keyboard shortcut for?

This shortcut is used by 38 programs in our database.

There isn't any generic description for this shortcut.

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What this shortcut does in different programs?

  1. SketchUp - Pages
  2. PuTTY - Make word lowercase
  3. GOM Player - Change language
  4. REAPER - Options: Show snap/grid settings
  5. Escape from Tarkov - Fold / unfold your stock

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All programs using this shortcut, by category.


Ardour - Toggle locations dialog

Audacity - Labeled Audio > Silence Audio

Exact Audio Copy - Get lyrics from metadata provider

Maxthon - View the links list of the current page

Text editing

Ace Editor - Fold selection

Metapad - Lowercase

Microsoft FrontPage - Tools button: Show the Tools menu.

Nano - Long line wrapping enable/disable

Notepad2 - Open with


Gmsh 4.1.4 - Hide/show geometry lines

Paint.NET - Open Layers menu

PhotoDirector 10 - Open library mode

SketchUp - Pages

System tools

Bash (Unix shell) - Uncapitalize every character from the cursor to the end of the current word, converting the characters to lower case

i3 (window manager) - Focus up

ZOC 7.23 - Enable/Disable Log to File

Developer tools

jEdit - Move caret to next character.

Looker 6.8 (Windows) - Collapse selected lines

Roblox Studio - Lock tool

RStudio - Fold Selected

SQLyog - Close Tab

File manager

Midnight Commander - If the currently selected file is a link to the directory, load that directory on the other panel and moves the selection to the next file

PuTTY - Make word lowercase

WinRAR - Lock archive

Media player

GOM Player - Change language

PotPlayer 1.7 - Cycle subtitle

Winamp - Toggle media library


Escape from Tarkov - Fold / unfold your stock

Warcraft III - Activate the Load menu


Bluebeam Revu - Markups list tab

FL Studio 20 - Select the channels Linked to the selected mixer track

FL Studio 20 - Open Articulate tool

Google Translator Toolkit - Select next invalid unit

Lingoes - Open main window

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Select the Layout drop-down box

REAPER - Options: Show snap/grid settings

The Bat! - Left alignment


GeoGebra - lambda λ (Press Shift for upper-case: Λ)

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