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LibreOffice Base

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
3 years ago
- Shortcuts

Jump between the query design areas


Deletes a table from the query design

⭾ Tab

Selects the connection line

↑   Shift + F10

Opens the context menu




Run query


Add table or query

Alt +

Opens the combo box

Alt +

Closes the combo box

↑   Shift + ⤶ Enter

Inserts a new line

Positions the cursor in the previous line

Puts the cursor into the next line

⤶ Enter

Completes the input in the field and places the cursor into the next field

Ctrl + F6

Sets the focus (if not in design mode) to the first control. The first control is the first one listed in the Form Navigator

Ctrl + Page Up

Jumps between tabs

or Ctrl + Page Down

Jump between windows

⭾ Tab

Selection of the control fields

↑   Shift + ⭾ Tab

Selection of the control fields in opposite direction

Ctrl + ⤶ Enter

Inserts the selected control

← ↑ → ↓

Moves the selected control in steps of 1 mm in the respective direction. In point edit mode, it changes the size of the selected control

or Ctrl + ← ↑ → ↓
Ctrl + ⭾ Tab

In point edit mode, jumps to next handle

↑   Shift + Ctrl + ⭾ Tab

In point edit mode, jumps to previous handle


Leaves the current selection

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Program information

Program name: LibreOffice Base LibreOffice Base (Developer tools)

LibreOffice Base is database management software of LibreOffice. It can create and edit tables, forms, queries, and reports.

Web page:

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Shortcut count: 25

How easy to press shortcuts: 83%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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