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- Shortcuts
Ctrl + S

Save sound list


Edit selected category

Ctrl + X


Ctrl + C


Ctrl + V



Remove selected entries

Ctrl + A

Select all

Ctrl + F


Ctrl + R

Sound recorder


Show About window

Alt + F4

Exit program

When you set a keyboard shortcut for a sound in Soundpad, it is always global. That means the key combination will be recognized and the sound will be played even if Soundpad window is not active.
There are two ways to set hotkeys:
- Right click on a sound and select Set hotkey from the context menu or
- Double click on the hotkey column of the sound.
The hotkey dialog will appear. Here you can press the key combination you want to assign to that sound.
Usual program hotkeys are called "Special hotkeys" in Soundpad. There aren't many shortcuts available right away, because they mostly waiting to be assigned.
You can define special hotkeys in File > Preferences > Hotkeys > Special Hotkeys.
Stop playback
Start playback
Pause/resume playback
Play previous file
Play next file
Select previous file
Select next file
Play selected file
Play random file
Play random file from all categories
Select previous category
Select next category
Start recording
Stop recording
Jump back by a configurable amount of seconds
Jump forward by a configurable amount of seconds
Lower speakers volume by a configurable value
Raise speakers volume by a configurable value
Set speakers volume to a certain value
Mute speakers
Set play mode to default (speakers and microphone)
Set play mode to speakers
Set play mode to microphone
Switch to next play mode
Enable Auto Keys
Disable Auto Keys
Toggle Auto Keys
Enable Hotkeys - works even if hotkeys are disabled
Disable Hotkeys
Toggle Hotkeys - works even if hotkeys are disabled
For more information about Soundpad hotkeys, please take a look at the official manual.

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Program name: Soundpad Soundpad (Social & Messaging)

Soundpad is a software used to play pre-defined sounds during voice chats.

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