Typing French accents keyboard shortcuts

Typing French accents

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14 months ago
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We explain how to type French letters like è, â, and ç with keyboard shortcuts. Hint: It's quite easy.

There are two ways to type French accents.
1. On a non-French keyboard, you can select French keyboard layout from Windows settings.
2. Typing with UK Extended keyboard shortcuts.
We provide shortcuts for both ways below.
French keyboard layout:
UK extended keyboard:
AltGr + E


or ↑   Shift + \
French keyboard layout:
Ctrl + ` then E


Ctrl + ` then A


Ctrl + ` then U


UK extended keyboard:
` then E


` then A


` then U


French keyboard layout:
Ctrl + , then C


UK extended keyboard:
or AltGr + C
French keyboard layout:
Ctrl + : then E


Ctrl + : then I


UK extended keyboard:
AltGr + \ then E


AltGr + \ then I


While above methods are easier for most situations, some may prefer not using keyboard at all for typing French accents. Windows Character Map tool will allow you to copy and paste French letters (and any other letter).

To launch Character Map in Windows 10, open Start menu and start to type character map, then click Character Map from search results.
On Windows 10, do the following:
Open Start menu and type Language and keyboard, click the "Change Language and Keyboard options".
Click "Add preferred language" and click French (or any other language) from list.
You can select newly added language from taskbar or switch between languages with Alt + Shift keyboard shortcut.
Note: This will only add a keyboard layout to Windows, it won't change Windows display language.

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