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VeraCrypt allows you to set system wide shortcuts, e.g. for auto mounting images, but first you need to set them. Here is how.

You need to set system wide hotkeys (those hotkeys work even when VeraCrypt is minimized) to make use of them. Go to Settings | Hot Keys and you can define some hotkeys for these actions:
Auto mount devices
Close all security token sessions
Dismount all and Wipe cache
Dismount all, wipe cache and exit
Mount favorite volumes
Show / hide main VeraCrypt windows
Wipe cache
Once you have set shortcut keys for those actions, they'll work in any application. Note that VeraCrypt Background Task has to be running in order to global actions to work.

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Program information

Program name: VeraCrypt (Security)

VeraCrypt is successor of popular encryption tool TrueCrypt. This powerful encryption tool allows you to encrypt files, partitions or even entire drives.

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Last update: 23 Dec 2017

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