PeaZip keyboard shortcuts

PeaZip shortcuts allows you to manage your archives easier with your keyboard. Actually, you're going to enjoy using PeaZip with these powerful shortcuts.


Brief translated help instructions

Alt + F1

Help file (pdf)


Rename file(s)

Ctrl + F2

Copy selected to...

↑   Shift + F2

Move selected to...


Search (recursivity option is remembered)

Ctrl + F3

Start as non recursive (search here)

↑   Shift + F3

Recursive search

Alt + F3

System search


Show navigation menu

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + F4

Browse root

Ctrl + F4

Browse desktop

↑   Shift + F4

Browse home



↑   Shift + F5

Add selected to archive

Ctrl + F5

Extract selected

Alt + F5

Extract archive (opens selection dialog)


Toggle browse/flat view


Add to bookmarks

Ctrl + F7

Open in a new instance of PeaZip

↑   Shift + F7

Open command prompt in selected path

Alt + F7

Explore selected path


Browse first item in bookmarks list (Ctrl, second, Shift, third)


Set password/keyfile

↑   Shift + F9

Password manager

Ctrl + F9

Create keyfile or random password

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + F9

Set advanced filters



Ctrl + F10

Run as different user

Alt + F10

Run as administrator (Windows Vista and newer systems)


Toggle full screen mode

Ctrl + F11

Immersive (full screen, no window border and controls)


Extract all to...

Ctrl + O

Open as archive

Ctrl + E

Extract / Extract selected

Ctrl + Alt + E

Extract all to... (open selection dialog)

Ctrl + Alt + ↑   Shift + E

Extract all here

Ctrl + Alt + D

Extract all to desktop

Ctrl + Alt + ↑   Shift + D

Extract all to Documents

Ctrl + 0

Extract to previous output path (if set)

Ctrl + 1

...8 Extract to path of 1..8’ favourite (if set)

Ctrl + 9

Extract to default path (if set)

Ctrl + S

Extract displayed content

Ctrl + L

Extract all content

Ctrl + T

Test all (when browsing an archive)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + Z

Extract and open with PeaZip

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + O

Extract and open with default application

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + W

Extract and open with...

Ctrl + Alt + Z

Preview functions same as previous ones

or Ctrl + Alt + O
or Ctrl + Alt + W
⤶ Enter

Preview selected

or Mouse double click
Alt + ⤶ Enter



Compare selected object with...


Checksum and hash of selected objects

Ctrl + A

Select all


Toggle browse mode / flat view mode

or F6
Ctrl + D

Display/organize bookmarks

Ctrl + H

Display history

Ctrl + Alt + H

Display session history

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + F4

Go to computer’s or archive’s root



Ctrl + F3

Non recursive search here

↑   Shift + F3

Recursive search

Alt + F3

System search


Add to bookmarks


Browse first item in bookmarks list


(on the folder) Open directory

or ⤶ Enter
or Mouse double click

Up one level

Mouse left click

(on blue back arrow icon) Up one level

Alt +

Up one level

Ctrl + P

Go to object’s path (useful in flat view and search/filter mode)

Ctrl + B

Go back in history

or ⬅ Backspace
or Alt +
Ctrl + F

Forward in history

or Alt +

Highlight menu bar

Alt + 0

Swap toolbar and navigation bar

Alt + 1

Hide/show menu bar

Alt + 2

Toggle tool bar

Alt + 3

Hide / show address bar

Alt + 4

Toggle navigation bar

Alt + 5

Toggle sort column

Alt + 6

Toggle browser's presets (common styles and sizes)

Alt + 8

Toggle status bar view

Alt + 9

Set pre-defined actions/scripts for “Open with”

Ctrl + Alt + 1

Sort by name

Ctrl + Alt + 2

Sort by type

Ctrl + Alt + 3

Sort by size

Ctrl + Alt + 4

Sort by packed size

Ctrl + Alt + 5


Ctrl + Alt + 6


Ctrl + Alt + 7


↑   Shift + Alt + 0

None, hide "Views" panel

↑   Shift + Alt + 1

Status bar: Basic information, navigation and password icons

↑   Shift + Alt + 2

Details, replicate and extend status bar’s functions

↑   Shift + Alt + 3

Bookmarks, organize favourite files, folders and search filters

↑   Shift + Alt + 4

History, latest folders and archives

↑   Shift + Alt + 5

Clipboard, objects currently scheduled for copy or move operations


Recycle bin / Delete form archive

↑   Shift + Del

Quick delete

Alt + Del

Zero delete

Ctrl + Del

Secure delete

↑   Shift + Ctrl + N

Create new folder

Ctrl + R


or F2
Ctrl + X


Ctrl + C


Ctrl + V



Cancel current selection and clear clipboard

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Program information

Program name: PeaZip (File manager)

PeaZip is a file archiver for Windows, Linux and BSD. This open-source software supports PEA archive format which features compression, multi volumes and encryption. PeaZip supports 188 file extensions as of version 6.0.

Web page:

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