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General description for this shortcut: Opens context menu when appicable. Keyboard equivalent is context menu key on the keyboard (it's left to the right Ctrl).

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  1. Grand Theft Auto V - Aim / zoom
  2. The Sims 4 - (on Sim picture) Make Camera follow that Sim
  3. Apex Legends (PC) - Aim
  4. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Hold to aim
  5. Fortnite (PC) - Aim

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Arch Linux - Paste text from the PRIMARY buffer

Google Chrome - ... on Back or Next, or click and hold Back or Next buttons to display your browsing history

Mozilla Thunderbird - then hold Shift while choosing: Open Message in New Tab


Adobe Photoshop CC - (Right click on slice) Open context-sensitive menu

Adobe Photoshop CC - (Right click color bar) Display Color Bar menu

Adobe Photoshop CC - (Right click the eye icon) Show/hide this layer/layer group only or all layers/layer groups

Adobe Photoshop CC - (Right click layer group and choose Group Properties) Display layer group properties

Clip Studio Paint Pro - (click on the part) Fix joint

Clip Studio Paint Pro - (on other than 3D material) Release all fixed joints

Clip Studio Paint Pro - Cancel a last point

Clip Studio Paint Pro - Cancel a last point

Cura 4 - Rotate

Inkscape - finish current line

Paint.NET - Zoom out

Paint.NET - Fill area with secondary color

Paint.NET - (click the nub) Swap gradient direction (i.e. swap color roles)

Paint.NET - Draw in secondary color

Paint.NET - Draw in secondary color

Paint.NET - Set secondary color

Paint.NET - Recolor primary with secondary

ProgeCAD - Display shortcut menu for the selected entity

Substance Painter - Click in viewport Quick menu

Substance Painter (Mac) - Click in viewport Quick menu

System tools

Bartender 3 - (on "..." icon top-right) Open context menu

Xterm - Keep selecting

Developer tools

App Maker - Open the widget-specific context menu

App Maker - Open the widget-specific context menu

Autodesk Stingray - (hold) Enter game mode navigation

Autodesk Stingray - (hold) Enter game mode navigation

Notepad++ - Pop up context menu

Novelty Visual Novel Maker - Context menu

Unreal Engine - Context menu

File manager

Xyplorer - On non-folder area: pops up the Favorites context menu.

Xyplorer - On the line numbers column header ("#"):  pops the Sort  By menu.

Xyplorer - On the column headers: pops the Show Columns context menu.

Xyplorer - (click on thumb) Mouse Down Blow Up, stay up until you hit any key or click it again.

Xyplorer - Pops up the image preview context menu.

Xyplorer - Start/Pause playing.

Xyplorer - Show context menu.

Media player

Kodi - on item: Context menu

Kodi - on blank area: Back

mpv - Toggle pause


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PC) - Fire missile / weapon

AI War Classic - selected units move to target location

AI War Classic - selected units attack target enemy

AI War Classic - (build button) dequeue ship of clicked type.

AI War Classic - (galaxy map) send selected units to clicked planet.

AI War Classic - (ship placement mode) exit ship placement mode

American Fugitive (PC) - Attack

Apex Legends (PC) - Aim

ARK: Survival Evolved - Aim-Down Sights/ Alternate Fire

ARK: Survival Evolved - Alternate Fire

Assetto Corsa - Move the car

Battlefield V - Aim

Battlezone 98 Redux - Turn right

Battlezone 98 Redux - Select weapon

Besiege - Rotate camera

Black Desert Online - Special attack

Blood - Fire the selected weapon's alternate fire

Blood: Fresh Supply - Alternate attack

Bus Simulator 18 - Toggle cockpit zoom

Bus Simulator 18 - Customization orbit

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - (hold) Aim down sights

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Quick menu

Company of Heroes - Set rally point

Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Weapon special function

Dauntless - Primary Attack

DayZ - Lower/Raise Item in Hands

DayZ - (stable branch) Use Optics

DayZ - Raise Weapon

Destiny 2 - Hold Zoom

Destiny 2 - Heavy Attack

Destiny 2 - Zoom

Dota Auto Chess - Move your "mule" around the board

Dota Underlords - Move selected hero to the location of cursor

Dying Light - Aim

Dying Light - Fast move

Elex (PC) - Secondary action

Enter the Gungeon - Dodge roll

Europa Universalis IV - (on a province) Go directly to diplomacy view

Europa Universalis IV - (when at war, right click on the war emblem in bottom right) Go directly to peace negotiation interface with the war leader

Europa Universalis IV - (in the reorganize army menu) Transfer half of the troops to the other army

Fallout 76 - Aim/Block

FIFA 19 (PC) - Ground pass / Header

FIFA 19 (PC) - (hold) Contain

FIFA 19 (PC) - Throw / pass

FIFA 19 (PC) - Ground pass

FIFA 19 (PC) - Wall charge

FIFA 19 (PC) - Corners - Pass

FIFA 19 (PC) - Short throw in

FIFA 19 (PC) - (hold) Long throw in

FIFA 19 (PC) - Goalkeeper gestures

Flyff - Right click on a player to open the Player Interaction Menu. Trade, Add to Friends List, Party Invite, Guild Invite, Duels, Following, View Equipment and Cheer

Fortnite (PC) - Aim

Fortnite (PC) - Change building material

Fortnite (PC) - Reset building edit

Fortnite (PC) - Vehicle honk korn

Fortnite (PC) - Baller extend grapple

Fortnite (PC) - Biplane free look

Fortnite (PC) - Creative pick up / exit

Fortnite (PC) - Creative prop exit

Fortnite (PC) - Creative building exit

Gears 5 - Aim

Grand Theft Auto V - Aim / zoom

Grand Theft Auto V - Aim weapon / lock-on

Grand Theft Auto V - Switch between timeline & menu

Hotline Miami - Interact

Hotline Miami - Pick up, throw

Hotline Miami - (hold) Drop

Hotline Miami - Advance dialogue

Hotline Miami - (hold) Skip dialogue

Hunt: Showdown - Aim

Kerbal Space Program - Open part info window

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Skip dialogue

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Secondary attack

L. A. Noire - Back

L. A. Noire - Leave clue / Aim / Raise fists

L. A. Noire - Back

Life Is Strange 2 - Cancel selection

Madden NFL 19 - Sprint

Madden NFL 19 - Show play art / Scramble

Madden NFL 19 - Show play art

Madden NFL 19 - Show play art

Madden NFL 19 - Sprint

Madden NFL 19 - Sprint

Madden NFL 19 - Just-Go release

Magic: The Gathering Online - Full Text and Actions

Minecraft Bedrock Edition - Use item / place block

Minecraft Java Edition - Use item / place block

Miscreated - Zoom / Ironsight (if raised)

Mordhau - Parry (block)

No Man's Sky - Increase zoom (two levels)

Outer Wilds - Launch drone / Probe front camera

Outer Wilds - (hold) Recover probe

Payday 2 (PC) - Aim down sight

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Hold to aim

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Scope / ADS view toggle

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Fast attach attachments

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Place marker

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Quick looting

Portal 2 - Fire orange portal

Portal 2 - Click for context menu, drag to pan camera

Quake Champions - Zoom

Remnant: From The Ashes (PC) - Aim

Remnant: From The Ashes (PC) - Reload

RimWorld - Open context menu for an object, when applicable

Ring of Elysium - Aim

Rocket League - Jump

Rust - Use Equipped Item (alternative)

Rust - Rotate Building Piece

Sea of Thieves - Secondary Use

Subnautica - Right hand

Subnautica - Right hand

Team Fortress 2 - SCOUT: Launch the baseball or the ornament

Team Fortress 2 - SOLDIER: Fire the charged shot of the Cow Mangler 5000

Team Fortress 2 - PYRO: Uses Airblast

Team Fortress 2 - DEMOMAN: Detonate stickybombs

Team Fortress 2 - HEAVY: Spin Minigun barrel

Team Fortress 2 - ENGINEER: Carry/Rotate buildings

Team Fortress 2 - MEDIC: Deploy ├ťberCharge

Team Fortress 2 - SNIPER: Zoom Sniper Rifle

Team Fortress 2 - SPY: Cloak/Uncloak

Team Fortress 2 - Secondary Attack

Teamfight Tactics - Move Little Legend to clicked location

Teamfight Tactics - (on champions) Inspect champions

Terraria - Interact

The Forest - Alt fire: Special attack / Block / Zoom

The Forest - Remove custom point

The Forest - Combine item on crafting mat

The Forest - (hold) Slow batch

The Forest - Paddle backwards

The Sims 4 - (on Sim picture) Make Camera follow that Sim

This War of Mine - Same as double click. Also allows for quicker item stack transfers / selling / buying

Tibia - (Classic Control on) 'Use' or 'Open' any item, container or object

Tibia - (Classic Control on) Start or to stop an attack to a monster or character

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Shoot

War Thunder (Tank) - Target tracking (tank)

Warframe - Aim Weapon

Warframe - (if equipped) Melee Block

World of Tanks - Right click on a target to enable auto aim

World of Tanks - Right click outside of the target to disable auto aim

World of Tanks - Hold right mouse button to prevent the turret from following the reticle


Bluebeam Revu - Context menu

draw.io - Context menu

Final Draft 11 (Mac) - Open context menu

Final Draft 11 (Windows) - Open context menu

FL Studio 20 - Delete selected clip/pattern

FL Studio 20 - Delete Selected Note/s

For Honor - Heavy attack

For Honor - Deny (stay dead)


GeoGebra - (in Graphics View) Fast drag mode (drag on object)

GeoGebra - Selection rectangle

GeoGebra - Open menu (click on object)

GeoGebra - Open Preferences menu (click not on object)

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