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YoloMouse 0.11.3

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As you guessed, memorizing keyboard shortcuts of YoloMouse is essential for accessing the program's functionality. Fortunately, these hotkeys are easy to remember, and part of this is because all of the shortcuts start with Ctrl + Alt.

Ctrl + Alt + 1

Change game cursor. Repeat to cycle additional choices

Ctrl + Alt + 2

Change game cursor with new 3D overlay cursors

Ctrl + Alt + 3

Cycle through color options

Ctrl + Alt + 4

Change game cursor with crosshair cursors

Ctrl + Alt + 0

Reset current cursor to the game's default

Ctrl + Alt + -

Decrease cursor size. Can also resize original game cursor

Ctrl + Alt + +

Increase cursor size. Can also resize original game cursor

Ctrl + Alt + D

Change all game cursors to currently active YoloMouse cursor

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Program information

Program name: YoloMouse 0.11.3 YoloMouse 0.11.3 (System tools)

YoloMouse is a software used to change game cursors with included mouse cursors. The software doesn't modify any game files; instead, it hooks to the OS part of game memory and intercepts the call to SetCursor.

Web page: pandateemo.github.io/YoloMouse

How easy to press shortcuts: 52%

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Updated: Updated program information. (2 updates.) 10/28/2020 1:44:45 PM New program added.
10/28/2020 1:47:05 PM Updated program information.

Shortcut count: 8

Platform detected: Windows or Linux

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