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Zoom (Linux)

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6 months ago
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Zoom's Linux client doesn't provide same number of shortcuts in the Windows version, but anyway can control quite few aspects of the program. Here is the complete list.

Ctrl + ⭾ Tab

Switch from one tab to the next


Toggle the 'Always show meeting controls' option in Settings > Accessibility

Alt + V

Start/Stop Video

Alt + A

Mute/unmute my audio

Alt + M

Mute/unmute audio for everyone except the host (available only to the host)

Alt + S

Start/stop screensharing

Alt + T

Pause/resume screen sharing

Alt + R

Start/Stop local recording

Alt + C

Start/stop cloud recording

Alt + P

Pause/resume recording

Alt + N

Switch camera


Enter/Exit full screen mode

Alt + U

Show/Hide Participants panel

Alt + I

Open the invite window

Alt + Y

Raise/lower hand

Alt + ↑   Shift + R

Begin remote control

Alt + ↑   Shift + G

Revoke remote control permission

Alt + ↑   Shift + T


Ctrl + W

Close current chat session

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Program information

Program name: Zoom (Linux) Zoom (Linux) (General)

Zoom is video conference software. As of February 2020, it has gained 2,22 million users. Despite being useful, the software has a poor privacy and security record and it was abandoned by some organizations.

Web page: zoom.us

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