What is Alt + R keyboard shortcut for?

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? Guest #Ctrl + V OP says: 7 months ago 12/4/2023 5:06 PM
Am trying to figure something out. I hit alt-r by mistake and now my windows automatically snap to a set resized position.

Windows 10. I hit alt-r, and I get shown the outline of windows placements. (Large on the right, and a smaller pane on the left). If I keep hitting alt-r, I can cycle through various window orientations. top/bottom horizontal, 1/2 and 1/2 side by side, 2/3 size for 1 window, 1/3 size for 2nd window, etc.

Hitting alt-r cycles through these. Then later, whenever I move a window, it snaps to the preconfigured orientation I selected with alt-r.

How do I turn off this behaviour!!!???

I can't think of any external program that would do this.
? Guest #Ctrl + V OP says in reply to Guest #Ctrl + V : 7 months ago 12/4/2023 5:09 PM
(I figured it out. It was Dell Display Manager (Monitor utility from Dell). You can set up a pre-configured orientation and then have your windows snap to those places. I guess alt-4 triggers that selection.
Ze Zeynel Admin says in reply to Guest #Ctrl + V : 7 months ago 12/4/2023 7:59 PM
Glad you figured it out. In my opinion, Alt + R looks a bit out of place to take as a global shortcut (maybe even Ctrl+Alt+R).

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