Minecraft Java Edition controls

Minecraft Java Edition controls

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
2 years ago
- Shortcuts

Scroll through quick-bar and the chat when opened


Open the menu and give back cursor control


Pause single player game


Exit the chat / command window


Toggle heads up display (HUD)


Use with F1 to take screenshots without HUD

↑   Shift +

Clicking item or stack will move it between inventory and stack

↑   Shift +

When a container is open, Shift + clicking on an item will move up to a stack between the container and the inventory

↑   Shift +

When a furnace is open, Shift + clicking an item or stack in the furnace moves it to the inventory

↑   Shift +

When crafting, Shift + clicking the crafted item automatically crafts the maximum number of that item for the materials being used (up to one stack), and moves all crafted items to the inventory

↑   Shift +

In the survival inventory tab of the creative inventory, Shift + clicking the X clears the whole inventory. In any other tab, Shift + clicking an item puts a stack into the hotbar

↑   Shift + ↑  ↓

In the Multiplayer server selection menu, Shift + up and Shift + down moves a server name to a specific position. You can also hold shift while a server name is selected left click another server name and they will swap


Toggle showing extra debug information

Use shortcuts below when debug screen is open
1 - 9

Display more detailed view of the graph on the right


Display less detailed graph

↑   Shift + F3

Display Profiler graph

F3 + Q

Display Help menu that lists all F3 shortcuts

F3 + A

Reload all chunks

F3 + T

Reload all textures, sounds and web-loaded client resources. This is useful for resource pack makers

F3 + P

Toggle the auto-pause when the window is out of focus

F3 + H

Toggle detailed item descriptions

F3 + C

Hold these keys at least for 6 seconds to trigger a manuel debug crash on purpose, after the keys are released

F3 + B

Toggle showing hitbox around entities

F3 + D

Clear chat history, including previous commands

F3 + N

Cycle the player's game mode between Creative and Spectator

F3 + G

Show the chunk boundaries immediately surrounding the player



Space then Space

(double tap) Toggle Fly Mode in Creative mode

↑   Left Shift


Left Control



Strafe left


Strafe right


Walk backward


Walk forward

Attack / destroy

Pick block

Use item / place block


Drop item

Ctrl + Q

Drop whole stack of items. On Mac, use shortcut below, because this shortcut will quit game

Control + ⌘ Cmd + Q

(Mac) Drop whole stack of items

Dropped items are picked up by moving nearing them. There isn't a shortcut for this
1 - 9

Hotbar slot


Open Inventory. Close any open GUI


Swap items in hands

Creative mode
X + 1 - 9

Load toolbar activator

C + 1 - 9

Save toolbar activator

⭾ Tab

See the list of players

⭾ Tab

(in chat window) Cycle through possible commands or arguments and also complete player names


Open chat


Open command (open the chat window with "/" character already typed")




Take screenshot

The screenshot will be placed in %appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots on Windows, ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots in OS X, ~/.minecraft/screenshots in Linux

Toggle full screen


Toggle perspective

For more detailed descriptions of hotkeys, take a look at the source link below
Source: Gamepedia

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Program information

Program name: Minecraft Java Edition Minecraft Java Edition (Games)

Minecraft is a sandbox game first developed by Markus Persson, later developed by Mojang. In the game, players build with various 3D cubes, in a randomly generated world. Multiplayer game modes are also available in Minecraft.

Web page: minecraft.net

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Updated: Updated program information. (2 updates.) 9/25/2019 8:51:45 AM Updated program information.
9/25/2019 9:28:34 AM Updated program information.

Shortcut count: 53

How easy to press shortcuts: 86%

Platform detected: macOS

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I have not tried it my self but seen it

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How can we arrange the inventories random item with perfect row....also in chest...sortcut key plz????

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