1Password keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + \

Fill Login on current web page. Requires the 1Password extension

Ctrl + Alt + \

Show 1Password mini

Ctrl + N

Create a new item.

Ctrl + E

Edit the selected item.


Cancel an edit.


Clear the search field.

Ctrl + S

Save changes to an item.

Ctrl + Del

Move the selected item to the Trash.

Ctrl + D

Show vaults.

Ctrl + F

Find items.

Ctrl + R

Reveal the selected password.

Ctrl + Alt

Reveal all passwords in the item details.

Ctrl + L

View the selected password in Large Type.

Ctrl + C

Copy the selected item detail to the clipboard.

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + C

Copy the username or password of the selected item to the clipboard.

Ctrl +

Select the previous item detail

Ctrl +

Select the next item detail.

Alt +

Move the item detail up.

Alt +

Move the item detail down.

Ctrl + -

Decrease the font size.

Ctrl + +

Increase the font size.

Ctrl + 0

Reset the font size.

Ctrl + O

Sign in to a 1Password account.

Win + ↑   Shift + L

Lock 1Password.

Ctrl + F

Find items.

Alt + 0

(zero)  Show vaults.

Alt + 1

View your favorite items.

Alt + 2

View all your items.

Alt + 3

View Login items.

Alt + 4

View Credit Card items.

Alt + 5

View Identity items.

Alt + 6

View Password items.

Ctrl + ⭾ Tab

Select the next category in the sidebar.

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + ⭾ Tab

Select the previous category in the sidebar.


Close 1Password mini.


Clear the search field.

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Program information

Program name: 1Password (General)

1Password is a password manager software for storing various account passwords, software licenses and other sensitive information. By default, the vault which contains encrypted data is store on the developer's server for a monthly fee.

Web page: https://1password.com

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