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Informatica PowerCenter 10.5 (Workflow)

Random Informatica PowerCenter 10.5 (Workflow) shortcut

F2   Select the text of a cell

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Random EasyWorship shortcut

↑   Shift + Tab   Moves the current line your cursor is on to the left one tab spacing

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theHunter: Call of the Wild

Random theHunter: Call of the Wild shortcut

G   Automove

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Team Fortress 2

Random Team Fortress 2 shortcut

'   Swim up

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Random SQLyog shortcut

Alt + F2   Rename Query Editor

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Random Safari shortcut

Page Down   Scroll down a screen

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Black Desert Online

Random Black Desert Online shortcut

U   Enchantments

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Random Basecamp shortcut

  (on the top) Scroll quickly to top of the page

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FastStone Capture 9.2

Random FastStone Capture 9.2 shortcut

Alt + ←  →   Previous / next tab

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