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Audacious 4.0.4 (Windows)

Random Audacious 4.0.4 (Windows) shortcut

Ctrl + Y   Search library

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5KPlayer 6.0

Random 5KPlayer 6.0 shortcut

F2   Settings

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Adobe Photoshop Elements

Random Adobe Photoshop Elements shortcut

U   Ellipse tool

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Zendesk Support

Random Zendesk Support shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + D   Save / update as on-hold

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LibreOffice Writer

Random LibreOffice Writer shortcut

End   Go to end of line

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Line Messenger (Windows)

Random Line Messenger (Windows) shortcut

Ctrl + 4   Go to Timeline tab

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Payday 2 (PC)

Random Payday 2 (PC) shortcut

R   Reload

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Teamfight Tactics

Random Teamfight Tactics shortcut

  Move champions between spots on the battlefield

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Metro Exodus (PC)

Random Metro Exodus (PC) shortcut

X   Throw secondary

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Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac)

Random Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) shortcut

Space   Play/Stop Toggle

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