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Escape from Tarkov

Random Escape from Tarkov shortcut

C +
  Move through your stance from standing to crouching to prone

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Adobe Captivate 2019

Random Adobe Captivate 2019 shortcut

F2   Edit caption text

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Random Viewfinder shortcut


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Expeditions: Rome (PC)

Random Expeditions: Rome (PC) shortcut

Ctrl + Tab   Previous character

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Idle Online Universe

Random Idle Online Universe shortcut

T   Switch between states of Activities tab

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Substance Painter (Mac)

Random Substance Painter (Mac) shortcut

S +
  Stencil zoom

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DesignSpark Mechanical 5.0

Random DesignSpark Mechanical 5.0 shortcut

Ctrl + +   Zoom In

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NewsBin Pro

Random NewsBin Pro shortcut

Ctrl + P   Lockout poster

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Random AnyDesk shortcut

F4   Select view mode "stretch"

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Daz Studio 4.15

Random Daz Studio 4.15 shortcut

Ctrl + H   Replace & Find next

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