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TalkDesk Callbar

Random TalkDesk Callbar shortcut

Alt + A   Accept call

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Magic: The Gathering Arena

Random Magic: The Gathering Arena shortcut

↑  Shift + ⤶ Enter   Pass the turn unconditionally

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No Man's Sky

Random No Man's Sky shortcut

F   Analyse/activate zoom

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Ace Editor

Random Ace Editor shortcut

Alt + Backspace   Remove to linestart

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Far Cry 6 (PC)

Random Far Cry 6 (PC) shortcut

Left Ctrl   Switch seats

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Random DOSBox shortcut

Ctrl + F9   Kill (close) DOSBox

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AKKO 3068

Random AKKO 3068 shortcut

Fn + /   In all lighting effects with RGB color mode, set the backlight color to 7 single colors with RGB loop effect

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RStudio (Mac)

Random RStudio (Mac) shortcut

⌘ Cmd + ↑  Shift + C   Comment/uncomment current line/selection

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Evernote for Windows (legacy)

Random Evernote for Windows (legacy) shortcut

Ctrl + A   Select All

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