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Virtual DJ 2018

Random Virtual DJ 2018 shortcut

F3   Sampler 3 play_stop

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Arma Reforger (PC)

Random Arma Reforger (PC) shortcut

4   Load Selection From Slot 4

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Random Miro shortcut

Ctrl + 0   Zoom to %100

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Bus Simulator 18

Random Bus Simulator 18 shortcut

F   Gear down

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Super People

Random Super People shortcut

Page Down   Reduce zeroing distance

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Random Maxthon shortcut

Ctrl + D   Add to Favorites

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iPadOS 13

Random iPadOS 13 shortcut

⌘ Cmd + Tab   Switch to the next most recently used app between open apps

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MicroStation V8i

Random MicroStation V8i shortcut

Ctrl + End   End of text string

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Random LightBurn shortcut

Space +
  Drag object selected

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Pcon Planner 8

Random Pcon Planner 8 shortcut

↑   Shift + F7   Show the drawing in realistic representation

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