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Altough support for Engagement CS will be ended in September 30, 2020, you may still need to use it's keyboard shortcuts. In case you're curious alternatives, Thomson Reuters will offer Workpapers CS and AdvanceFlow as replacement products.


View help on current field or option

Ctrl + F1

View overview help for the active window or dialog

Ctrl + X


Ctrl + C


Ctrl + V


Ctrl + W

Edit a custom fieldview

Ctrl + Z

Undo last change

Ctrl + F

Find a record (based on the text you specify)

Ctrl + L

Search within a drop-down list for specific text or character string (Press CTRL + R to continue searching for the next instance of the character string.)

Ctrl + N

New document

Ctrl + O

Open engagement client

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + Alt + R

New review note

Ctrl + S

Open the Sign Off dialog


Save data and return to the previous window or dialog


Open a context menu relevant to the selected dialog or field


Open the drop-down list attached to current field


Refresh display

Ctrl + F6

Move between open windows


Display the popup calculator (from amount field only)


Move to previous field


Move to next field


Move to last character in current field

⤶ Enter

Press the default button


Close dialog without saving changes


Move to first character of current field

Ctrl + Home

Move to first record in window or dialog (while in Browse mode)

Ctrl + End

Move to last record in window or dialog (while in Browse mode)

⭾ Tab

Move forward through fields or make selection from drop-down list

Ctrl + ⭾ Tab

Move to next tabbed page

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + ⭾ Tab

Move to previous tabbed page

Ctrl + Alt + A

Insert "N/A" notation at the cursor position

Ctrl + Alt + G

Mark as procedure completed (inserts user initials and system date at the cursor position)

Ctrl + Alt + J

Insert a checkmark at the cursor position

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Program information

Program name: Engagement CS Engagement CS (Productivity)

Engagement CS is a part of the Creative Solutions Accounting software. It is used to prepare engagements and provides functionality to link the CSA trial balance data and update your workpapers in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Web page: http://cs.thomsonreuters.com/u...

Last update: 18 Mar 2020

Updated: Added some shortcuts. (2 updates.) 3/18/2020 8:03:27 AM New program added.
3/18/2020 8:04:53 AM Added some shortcuts.

Shortcut count: 34

How easy to press shortcuts: 85%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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