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There isn't many Google Keep keyboard shortcuts but good thing is you don't need many. Here are the shortcuts will help you most of the navigating between notes and creating them.


Go to next note


Go to previous note

↑   Shift + J

Go to next position

↑   Shift + K

Go to previous position


Navigate to next list item


Navigate to previous list item

↑   Shift + N

Move list item to next position

↑   Shift + P

Move list item to previous position


Archive selected note


Trash note


Pin or unpin notes


Select note


Open selected note

⤶ Enter

Edit selected note

Ctrl + G

Toggle between list and grid view


Compose a new note


Compose a new list


Search notes

Ctrl + A

Select all notes


Open keyboard shortcuts list


Send feedback


Finish editing

or Ctrl + ⤶ Enter
Ctrl + ↑   Shift + 8

Toggle checkboxes

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Program information

Program name: Google Keep Notes (Web applications)

Google Keep is an online note taking and to-do list application. It has mobile apps, reminding, sound recording, coloring and sharing features.

Web page:

Last update: 10 Oct 2018

Shortcut count: 24

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