What is P keyboard shortcut for?

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  1. Grand Theft Auto V - Adjust Depth of Field (Camera)
  2. The Sims 4 - Pause Sims 4
  3. Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Windscreen wipers
  4. Krita 4.2.2 - Color picker
  5. Krita 4.2.2 - To path

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Ardour - Set playhead position

Audacity - Pause

Camtasia - Pen

Firefox Quantum - Previous page

Mozilla Thunderbird - Go to Previous unread message

Roll20 - Show/Hide Page Toolbar

Vim - Paste storage buffer after current line

Vim - Paste storage buffer before current line

Windows Calculator - Select Pi

Text editing

Adobe Acrobat 2017 (Mac) - Toggle between editing and previewing your form

Adobe Acrobat 2017 (Windows and Unix) - Toggle between editing and previewing your form

GNU Emacs - Go to previous node

Vi (Linux) - Put after cursor

Xodo - Pen


Adobe Animate CC (Mac) - Pen

Adobe Illustrator - Pen tool

Adobe Illustrator (Mac) - Pen tool

Adobe Lightroom Classic - Flag photo as a pick

Adobe Lightroom Classic (Mac) - Flag photo as a pick

Adobe Photoshop CC - Pen tool

Adobe Photoshop CC - Freeform Pen tool

Adobe Photoshop CC - Toggle between original selection and refined version

Adobe Photoshop CC - Toggle preview

Adobe Photoshop Elements - Straighten tool

Adobe Photoshop Elements (Mac) - Straighten tool

Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) - Pen Tool

Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) - Pen Tool

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Pen Tool

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Pen Tool

Adobe XD (Mac) - Switch to Pen tool

Adobe XD (Mac) - Pen

Adobe XD (Windows) - Switch to Pen tool

Adobe XD (Windows) - Pen

Affinity Photo - Pen and Node Tool cycle

Affinity Photo - Liquify Push Forward Tool

ArtRage Studio Pro - Pencil

AutoCAD - PAN / Adds a parameter with grips to a dynamic block definition

Autodesk SketchBook (Mac) - Invoke Perspective tool (perspective mode)

Autodesk SketchBook (Windows) - Invoke Perspective tool (perspective mode)

Blender - Start Game Engine

Blender - Pin vertices (UV/Image Editor) / Separate

Blender - Pinch/­Magnify brush

Clip Studio Paint Pro - Pen

Clip Studio Paint Pro - Pencil

Corel Painter - Pen

Corel Painter (Mac) - Pen

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 - Center to Page

Final Cut Pro X - Make the Position tool active

GIMP - Paintbrush

Gmsh 4.1.4 - Go to post-processing module

Gravit Designer - Pen

HitFilm - Set timeline in and out points to content

InVision Cloud V7 - Enter Preview mode

IrfanView - Properties

Krita 3.0 - Color pick

Krita 4.2.2 - Color picker

Krita 4.2.2 - To path

LDCad - 1: Show/hide the editing pin or rectangle depending on projection mode

LDCad - 2: Play/pause the animation while in animation mode

LightWave 3D - Selected item properties

MyPaint - More opaque

Nuke - Pause Viewer refreshing

Nuke - Insert RotoPaint node

Paint.NET - Pencil

Paint.NET - Activate Pencil tool

PaintShop Pro 2018 - Preset shape

Pinnacle Studio 22 - Toggle Magnetic Snapping

Pixelmator Pro - Pen

Substance Painter - Pick stroke material

Substance Painter (Mac) - Pick stroke material

System tools

Narrator - then Alt + Up arrow or Alt + Down arrow: Move to the next or previous paragraph

Developer tools

Atlassian JIRA Agile - Previous Column

Atlassian JIRA Agile - Previous Activity

Gerrit Web UI - Previous patch set

Unreal Engine - Show navigation mesh

Web applications

Facebook (Chrome) - Share new status

FastMail - Focus previous. When a message is focussed, the R/A/Alt+R/F shortcuts apply to that message instead of the last message in the conversation.

FastMail - uPload

Feedly - Select previous article

Gmail - Previous message in an open conversation

Google Keep Notes - Navigate to previous list item

Inoreader - Focus previous article

Reddit - Previous post in lightbox

Reddit - Move up a level in the comment hierarchy

Webflow - Show Pages panel

Wikipedia - Printable version

Wikipedia - Show preview

Yahoo Mail - Print message

Zoho Mail - Previous mail

File manager

Adobe Bridge CC - Flag

Adobe Bridge CC (Mac) - Flag

Xyplorer - Show Photo Data

Media player

BSPlayer - Capture frame - original image size

GOM Player - Increase hue by 5%

Kodi - Play

Kodi - Play

Kodi - Visualisation preset list

mpv - Pause / Playback

PotPlayer 1.7 - Add bookmark

SMPlayer 19.5.0 - Previous

VLC Media Player - Play movie from the very beginning


AI War Classic - Pause

American Fugitive (PC) - Show phone screen

American Truck Simulator - Windscreen wipers

Anno 1800 - Pause

Battlezone 98 Redux - Drop nav beacon

Black Desert Online - Character information

Black Desert Online - Party chat

Blood - Use Proximity Bomb*

Blood: Fresh Supply - Proximity bombs

Bus Simulator 18 - Parking brake

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Text chat (party)

Diablo - Pause the game

Diablo II - Toggles Party screen

Dota 2 - Activates Scan

Dota Underlords - Alliances panel

Elex (PC) - Other item screen in adjutor

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Windscreen wipers

Europa Universalis IV - Primary mapmodes

FlightGear - Pause simulation

Flyff - Brings up your Party window.

Grand Theft Auto V - Adjust Depth of Field (Camera)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Player menu

L. A. Noire - Call partner

League of Legends - Open item shop

Madden NFL 19 - Pass protection

Madden NFL 19 - Fake snap

NetHack - Pay

NetHack - Put on ring / amulet

Nier: Automata - System menu

Overwatch - Social menu channels

Path of Exile - Passive skills panel

Pharaoh - Pause the game (you can't build while paused)

Portal 2 - Change portalability of the entire selection at once

StarCraft 2 - Pause

StarCraft 2 - Patrol

StarCraft 2 - Pause / resume replay

StarCraft 2 - Pneumtized Carapace

StarCraft 2 - Peristalisis

Team Fortress 2 - Party message

Tekken 7 - Story Assist (does not work online)

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth - Pause. While paused P will resume while Esc will offer to quit

The Forest - Utility (select last left handed item)

The Sims 4 - Pause Sims 4

Total War: Attila - Toggle pause

Total War: Attila (Mac) - Toggle pause

Unturned - Player list

Warframe - View Mission Progress

World of Warcraft - Spell book

Zwift (PC and macOS) - Enter promo code

Social & Messaging

Claws Mail - Go to previous mail. The Up arrow is a synonym.

Discourse - Open user menu

Google+ - Previous comment

NZBGet - Pause selected downloads

NZBGet - Post-process again selected records

Zimbra Web Client - Print


Comodo IceDragon - Previous page


Airmail - Select Previous Conversation

Apple GarageBand - Show/Hide the Piano Roll Editor

Bluebeam Revu - Pen

Figma - Pen tool

Figma - Pen

FL Studio 20 - Draw tool (pencil)

FL Studio 20 - Draw tool (pencil)

Freshdesk - Priority

Huggle - Prod tag page

K-9 Mail - Previous message

Microsoft Access 2019 - From Print Preview, open the Print dialog box

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Slideshows) - Perform the previous animation or return to the previous slide

REAPER - Track: Toggle track pan envelope visible

Remember the Milk - Postpone the selected task/s if they have a due date

Todoist - Sort by priority

Virtual DJ 2018 - Play / pause

WorkZone Client - Display/hide the preview panel for the selected list item

Xactimate - Reference Point

Xactimate - Hip Ridge Line


ImageJ - Print active image

KiCad 5.0.2 - Add power

KiCad 5.0.2 - Place Item

KiCad 5.0.2 - Gbr polygons display mode

KiCad 5.0.2 - Place item

Maple - Π or π

Onshape 1.98 - Hide / show planes

Onshape 1.98 - Parallel

Onshape 1.98 - Projected view

Tekla Structures 20 - Pan


BlackBerry Classic - Open the Phone app

BlackBerry Classic - Go back one page

BlackBerry Classic - Go to the previous day, week, or month

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