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IPython Shell

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
6 months ago
- Shortcuts
Ctrl + A

Move cursor to the beginning of the line

Ctrl + E

Move cursor to the end of the line

Ctrl + B

Move cursor back one character

Ctrl + F

Move cursor forward one character

  In addition to Backspace, Ipython provides a few other shorcuts for deleting a portion of text.
⬅ Backspace

Delete previous character in line

Ctrl + D

Delete next character in line

Ctrl + K

Cut text from cursor to end of line

Ctrl + U

Cut text from beginning of line to cursor

Ctrl + Y

Yank (e.g. paste) text that was previously cut

Ctrl + T

Transpose (e.g. switch) previous two characters

  Command history not only stores command in current session. Your entire command history is stored in a SQLite database in your IPython profile directory.
Ctrl + P

Access previous command in history

Ctrl + N

Access next command in history

Ctrl + R

Reverse-search through command history

⤶ Enter

Select the command

Ctrl + 1

Clear terminal screen

Ctrl + C

Interrupt current Python command

  Ctrl + C will be particularly useful if you start a long running job by mistake.
Ctrl + D

Exit IPython session

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Program information

Program name: IPython Shell (Developer tools)

IPython (Interactive Python) is a command shell in some programming languages. It was originally developed for the Python programming language. It has features including interactive shells, browser-based notebook interface, flexible, embeddable interpreters. IPython Shell was initially released in 2001.

Web page: https://ipython.org

Shortcut count: 21

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