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Ctrl + A

Select entire canvas

Ctrl + C

Copy selected area

Ctrl + X

Cut selected area

Ctrl + V

Paste clipboard data

Ctrl + Z

Undo last action

Ctrl + Y

Redo action

Ctrl + E

Shows image properties

Ctrl + G

Toggles grid lines

Ctrl + P

Print the picture

Ctrl + R

Show or hide the ruler

Ctrl + W

Open the Resize and Skew dialog box

Ctrl + N

Create a new picture

Ctrl + O

Open a picture

Ctrl + S

Save changes to a picture

Ctrl + Page Up

Zoom in

Ctrl + Page Down

Zoom out

Ctrl + B

Bold selected text

Ctrl + I

Make selected text italics

Ctrl + U

Underline selected text

Ctrl + +

Scale up and tool or shape

Ctrl + -

Scale down tool or shape

After hitting the Alt key, you can use the keys below the control the additional options.
Alt + F

Opens the File menu

Alt + H

Shows key help / Switch to Home tab

Alt + V

Switch to View tab

Alt + F4

Close the window

Alt + Esc

Minimize MS Paint interface

Alt + Space

Equivalent to right-clicking on the title bar


Open Paint Help


View a picture in full screen mode


Save the picture as a new file


Displays key tips like the Alt key

Move the selection or active shape right by one pixel

Move the selection or active shape left by one pixel

Move the selection or active shape down by one pixel

Move the selection or active shape up by one pixel


Cancel a selection


Delete a selection

Print Screen

Take a screenshot

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Program information

Program name: Microsoft Paint Microsoft Paint (Imaging)

Paint is Windows' integral image processing software. Very simple, but can be really useful for simple image operations.

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Shortcut count: 39

How easy to press shortcuts: 87%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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