What is Ctrl + I keyboard shortcut for?

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What this shortcut does in different programs?

  1. Discord - Toggle mentions popout
  2. Krita 4.2.2 - Invert
  3. Krita 4.2.2 - Italic
  4. Microsoft Excel 2019 - Italicize text or remove italic formatting
  5. Microsoft Excel 2019 - Applies or removes italic formatting

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Ardour - Import audio files

Audacity - Clip Boundaries > Split

E-Sword - Italic Editors only

Exact Audio Copy - Invert selection

Firefox Quantum - Bookmarks sidebar

Maxthon - Toggle the Favorites sidebar

Microsoft Edge - Open favorites pane

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - View favorites

Mozilla Thunderbird - Text style italic

Mozilla Thunderbird - Edit properties of selected contact or address book

Mozilla Thunderbird - New event

Opera - Edit item properties

Opera - Toggle text-style italic

Quicken 2018 - Insert a transaction

Skype - Open Notification panel

Skype - Open self profile

Ubuntu - Make the selected text italic

Text editing

CherryTree 0.38.8 - Toggle Italic Property of the Selected Text

Dropbox Paper - Italic

FocusWriter - Italic

gedit - Goto line

KompoZer - Text style Italic

Microsoft FrontPage - Apply italic formatting.

Microsoft OneNote - Apply italic formatting to or remove it from the selected text

Microsoft Word 2019 - Apply italic formatting

Most used text editing - Italic

Nano - Insert a tab at the cursor position

Notepad2 - Split lines

PDF-XChange Editor - Show/Hide the Fields pane.

PDF-XChange Editor - Italic

Scrivener 1.9.9 - Italic

TextRoom - Italic

Wordpad - Italicize selected text

WordPerfect X8 - Italic

WriteMonkey - Italic (markdown)

ZenWriter 2 - Italic

Zim - Make selected text italic


Adobe Animate CC (Windows) - Show or change the properties and position of the selected object

Adobe Illustrator - Check spelling

Adobe Lightroom Classic - Show/hide info overlay

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Import...

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Italic

Adobe XD (Windows) - Italic

Affinity Photo - Invert

Affinity Photo - Italic

Affinity Photo - Invert (Adjustment)

Affinity Photo - Invert Mask

ArtRage Studio Pro - Import Image File…

AutoCAD - Toggle Coords

Blender - Select Inverse

Canva (Windows) - Italicized text

Clip Studio Paint Pro - Reverse gradient [PRO/EX]

Corel Painter - Invert

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 - Import...

GIMP - Invert selection

Gmsh 4.1.4 - Show statistics window

Gravit Designer - Invert selection

Inkscape - Import bitmap or SVG

Inkscape - make selection italic

IrfanView - Show IPTC info

Krita 3.0 - Invert

Krita 4.2.2 - Invert

Krita 4.2.2 - Italic

LDCad - Show/hide the (bottom/left) document information icon

Microsoft Paint - Make selected text italics

Nuke - Import files

Nuke - Open new Compositing Viewer

Paint.NET - Invert selection

PaintShop Pro 2018 - Flip vertical

PhotoDirector 10 - Import photos in the library

Pinnacle Studio 22 - Open Importer

Pinnacle Studio 22 - Jump to mark in

Pinnacle Studio 22 - Toggle italic

PowerDirector 17 - Make text italic

QCad 3.22.0 - Drawing preferences

Shotcut - Add Audio Track

Siemens NX - Object

Simplify3D - Import models

Windows Movie Maker - Import an existing digital media file

System tools

CopyQ 3.8 - Import

Everything - Toggle match case

Developer tools

Android Studio - Implement methods

App Maker - Show or hide the logic inspector

Autodesk Stingray - Import

CoffeeCup HTML Editor - Italic

Delphi - Inserts a tab character

Eclipse - Correct indention of selected text or current line

FileMaker - Time

FileMaker - Snap to fit

Glitch - Sidebar toggle

HeidiSQL - Invert selection

IntelliJ IDEA (Windows, Linux) - Implement methods

jEdit - Indent current line (or all selected lines).

Komodo Edit - Interactive find

Matlab - Auto indent

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Format.Italic

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Edit.IncrementalSearch

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Image.PencilTool

Mode SQL Editor (Windows) - Italic

NetBeans - Jump to quick search field

Notepad++ - Split lines

Nuclide (Linux) - Toggles the Context View.

Qt Creator - Auto-indent selection

Qt Creator - Activate index in Help mode

Roblox Studio - Toggle Advanced Objects

RStudio - Reindent lines

Skipper - Create Inheritance

SmartGit 19 - Ignore

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - Start incremental search. Type the characters to search for or press Ctrl + I to search for characters from the previous search

Visual Studio Code (Linux) - Select current line

Visual Studio Code (Windows) - Select current line

Windows PowerShell ISE - Go to Script Pane

WinHex - Mark position

Web applications

Elementor - Open the Navigator

Facebook (Chrome) - Go to inbox

FastMail - Italic

Gmail - Italics

Google Data Studio - Italics

Joomla - Toggles italicizing selected text

TinyMCE - Italic

WordPress - Italic

Yahoo Mail - Italics

File manager

Adobe Bridge CC - File info

FileZilla - Directory listing filters

Mp3tag - freedb ... / web source

WinRAR - Print file

Xyplorer - Invert

Media player

GOM Player - Open Easy Browser

iTunes 11 for Windows - Open the song or CD Info window for the selected song or CD

KMPlayer - Open URL extracted from IE

PotPlayer 1.7 - Cycle deinterlacing mode

SMPlayer 19.5.0 - Information and properties

VLC Media Player - Media Information

Winamp - Invert selection


Assetto Corsa - Racing line on/off

ChessBase 13 - Initiative

ChessBase 13 - Display databases as large icons

Tibia - Open the ignore and white lists

Total War: Attila - Select all infantry melee units

Social & Messaging

Cisco Jabber - Italic

Claws Mail - Get mail from current account

Claws Mail - Insert file

Discord - Toggle mentions popout

eM Client - Italic selected text

Google Hangouts - Italicize

Medium - Italic

Pidgin - Get user info

Telegram - Italic

Tumblr - Italic

Zimbra Web Client - Italic


Comodo IceDragon - Bookmarks sidebar

KeePass - Duplicate entry

Kleopatra 3.1.8 - Import…


Ableton Live 10 - Insert Scene

Ableton Live 10 - Insert Silence

Accounting CS - Toggle to hide or unhide the Fields frame

ActivePresenter 7 - Italik

ActivePresenter 7 - Italic

Aegisub - Shift subtitles by time or frames

AutoQuotes - Status toggle

Bluebeam Revu - Toggle split orientation

CintaNotes 3.13 - Toggle current notebook section’s “inbox” status: an inbox section collects all clipped notes.

CintaNotes 3.13 - Toggle various formatting on currently selected text.

Confluence - Italics

draw.io - Toggle italic on selected text

Evernote for Windows - Italic

Figma - Italic

FL Studio 20 - Toggle wait for input to start recording

FL Studio 20 - Insert current controller value

Freemind - Italicize

Google Sheets (Android) - Italic

Huggle - Unignore user

Lacerte - Make selected text italics

LibreOffice - The Italic attribute is applied to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also marked in italic

LibreOffice - Inserts a copy of the selected object into the current document

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Italicize text or remove italic formatting

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Applies or removes italic formatting

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Creating presentations) - Apply italic formatting

Microsoft Sticky Notes - Italic

MindMeister - Toogle italic

MYOB AccountRight - Index to reports

Nimbus Note - Italic

Notezilla - Italic

Notezilla - Invert selection in tasks view

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Make letters italic

QuickBooks Desktop - Create Invoices

REAPER - Invert selection

REAPER - Invert selection

SharePoint - Apply or remove italic formatting from the selected text.

SimpleMind - Italic font style for selected topics or labels

The Bat! - Italic

WavePad - Edit Sample

WPS Office - Applies or removes italic formatting

Xactimate - Open Digital Images


Maple - Italic Style Attribute (text or Maple input)

Tekla Structures 20 - Open Views list


BlackBerry Classic - Italic

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