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In modern world dominated by data giants like Google, Microsoft, your privacy is often not first priority. We like ProtonMail's attentive approach to email and if you're like us, we think these keyboard shortcuts will come handy in ProtonMail's web interface.


Open the help modal


Focus the search input

⤶ Enter

Confirm the active modal


Close the active modal

↑   Shift + Space

Open the command palette that allows you to quickly type and search commands


open a new composer

Ctrl + ⤶ Enter

Send the message

Ctrl + S

Save the message


Close the active composer

G then I

Go to inbox

G then D

Go to drafts

G then S

Go to sent

G then .

Go to starred

G then A

Go to archive

G then X

Go to spam

G then T

Go to trash

Mark previous message / conversation

Mark next message / conversation

Mark the last message

Unmark the message


Display the newer conversation


Display the older conversation

⤶ Enter

Open the marked message / conversation


Back to the list

* then A

Select all conversations

* then N

Unselect all conversations


Mark selected message / conversation


Mark the message / conversation as read


Mark the message / conversation as unread


Mark or unmark the message / conversation as starred


Move the message / conversation to inbox


Move the message / conversation to trash


Move the message / conversation to archive


Move the message / conversation to spam

↑   Shift + R

Reply to a message / conversation

↑   Shift + A

Reply to all recipients for a message / conversation

↑   Shift + F

Forward message / conversation

↑  ↓

Move between contacts

Enter contact details


Delete a contact

Exit contact details

⭾ Tab

Navigate between fields

⌘ Cmd + S

Save the contact

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Program information

Program name: ProtonMail ProtonMail (Web applications)

ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service. Founded at the CERN research facility in 2014, ProtonMail uses client-side encryption, so unlike services such as Gmail,, emails are encrypted before they sent to ProtonMail servers.

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