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Relativity keyboard shortcuts allow you to control Core Reviewer interface. With these hotkeys, you can change viewer modes, populate choices, save and cancel edits, and move between documents.

To use these keyboard shortcuts, focus should be in Core Reviewer interface and keyboard shortcuts should be enabled.
Alt +

Arrow    Next Highlight

Alt +

Arrow  Previous Highlight

Alt + E

Switch to Long Text Mode

Alt + End

Last Document

Alt + ⤶ Enter

Save and Next

Alt + Home

First Document

Alt + I

Switch to Image Mode

Alt +

Arrow    Page Up/Previous Image

Alt + M

Toggle Modes (Draft, Normal, Preview)

Alt + N

Switch to Native Mode

Alt + P

Switch to Productions Mode

Alt + Page Down

Next Document

Alt + Page Up

Previous Document

Alt +

Arrow   Page Down/Next Image

Alt + S

Save and Next

Alt + Space


Alt + V

Switch to Viewer Mode

Alt + Z


Alt + ↑   Shift + Z

Copy from Previous

Ctrl + A

Select all

Ctrl + F


Ctrl + P


Ctrl + T

New tab

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + T

Reopen last tab

Ctrl + C


Ctrl + X


Ctrl + V


For more information about shortcuts, take a look at the source link below.
Source: Relativity

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Program information

Program name: Relativity Relativity (Productivity)

Relativity is a cloud based eDiscovery application with features like fact management, production, review and analytics. It is used by corporations, governments and law firms to manage litigation, investigations, etc.

Web page:

Shortcut count: 27

How easy to press shortcuts: 80%

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