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Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
13 months ago
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For some people, memorizing a few keyboard shortcuts are easier than figuring out chords of a song. These shortcuts will make you figure out the song even faster (Yes I think keyboard shortcuts are generally a little bit easier than chords).

Riffstation's default keyboard shortcuts can be changed under Options > Set keyboard shortcuts.
On Mac, Press Option instead of Ctrl.
Ctrl + Q


Fast forward



Volume down


Volume up


Zoom in


Zoom out

Ctrl + L

Load session


Metronome volume down


Metronome volume up

Ctrl + O

Open audio file

⤶ Enter

Play / pause


Pitch down (-1 semitone)


Pitch up (+1 semitone)

Play from selection start


Play / return playhead to starting position

Ctrl + A

Save audio

Ctrl + S

Save session


Show chord viewer tab


Show Jam Master tab


Show Riff Builder tab


Tempo down (-1 BPM)


Tempo up (+1 BPM)


Toggle isolate tool


Toggle tempo tool


View help

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Program information

Program name: Riffstation Desktop (Productivity)

Riffstation detects chords for any song. It uses an "automatic chord recognition technology" to listen to the music and figure out the chords. It also shows when to play each guitar chord, in sync with the original music. The developer claims that software can detect major and minor chords with 80% accuracy.

Web page: https://pro.riffstation.com/en...

Shortcut count: 26

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