Warcraft III controls

Warcraft III controls

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- Shortcuts

Toggle Quest Log on/off


Toggle Game Menu on/off


Toggle Allies Menu on/off


Toggle Chat Menu on/off

Alt + F4

Exit Warcraft III

or Alt + Q
⌘ Cmd + Q

(Mac) Exit Warcraft III

Alt + O

Activate the Options menu

Alt + S

Activate the Save menu

Alt + L

Activate the Load menu

Alt + H

Activate the Help menu

Ctrl + M

Toggle music on/off

Ctrl + S

Toggle SFX on/off


Return to the previous menu


(when held during a command) Override formation movement during an action


(when held during a command) Send action to currently active subgroup only


Cancel commands

⤶ Enter

Activate message prompt. Press Enter again to send message

↑   Shift + ⤶ Enter

Activate message prompt to "All" players. Press Enter again to send message

Ctrl + ⤶ Enter

Activate message prompt to "Allies" only. Press Enter again to send message


Hold down and move mouse to scroll game view with mouse

← ↑ → ↓

Scroll the game view

⭾ Tab

Switch between subgroups

Ctrl + 1 - 9

Assign selected units to or buildings to a group

↑   Shift + 1 - 9

Assign selected units to active group

Num 0 - Num 9

Select assigned group. Two rapid presses center view on assigned group


...to F7: Select corresponding Hero. Two rapid presses center view on corresponding Hero


Select idle worker unit(s)

⬅ Backspace

Cycle through town center buildings


Center on last notification(s)

Ctrl + C

Center on the unit with the active portrait

or Alt + C
↑   Shift +

Add/Remove unit from current selection

Ctrl +

 Select all units of that type in the game view

Lower and zoom in the game camera

or Page Up

Raise and zoom out the game camera

or Page Down

Rotate camera to the left


Rotate camera to the right

Print Screen

Save a screenshot of the game to your Warcraft III directory

Warcraft III icon source: Deviantart

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Program information

Program name: Warcraft III Warcraft III (Games)

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released on July 2002. An expansion pack, The Frozen Throne was released on July 2003.

Web page: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/g...

Last update: 12 Jul 2020

Shortcut count: 41

How easy to press shortcuts: 85%

Platform detected: Windows and macOS mixed

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