What is Ctrl + M keyboard shortcut for?

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  1. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Master volume mute (mute all audio)
  2. Krita 4.2.2 - Color Adjustment curves…
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Slideshows) - Show or hide ink markup
  4. Microsoft Word 2019 - Indent a paragraph from the left
  5. Opera - Display context (right-click) menu

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All programs using this shortcut, by category.


Ardour - Mute/unmute

Audacity - Add Label at Playback Position

Camtasia - Marker

Camtasia - Mute volume

EasyWorship - Opens the Alerts window and opens the New simple message alert (Live) window.

E-Sword - Mark Scripture

Firefox Quantum - Mute / Unmute audio

Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 - Zoom To

GoldWave - Mixes the clipboard with the sound at the start marker's position.

Mozilla Thunderbird - New message

Mozilla Thunderbird - New message

Mozilla Thunderbird - Write new message to selected contacts

Opera - Display context (right-click) menu

Quicken 2018 - Memorize a transaction

Roll20 - Switch to map layer

Skype - Mute

Skype - Mute

Vivaldi - Menu position

Windows 10 Maps - Minimize the active tab

Windows Calculator - Store in memory

Windows Voice Recorder - Add a new marker to the recording

Text editing

Brackets - Minify Code

Brackets - Quick Markup Mode

CherryTree 0.38.8 - Toggle Superscript Property of the Selected Text

FocusWriter - Minimize

Metapad - Smart select

Microsoft FrontPage - Indent a paragraph from the left.

Microsoft OneNote - Open a new OneNote window

Microsoft OneNote - Open a new OneNote window

Microsoft Word 2019 - Indent a paragraph from the left

Nano - Insert a newline at the cursor position

Notepad2 - Run metapath file browser plugin

Nuance Power PDF - Open Zoom to window

PDF-XChange Editor - Show/Hide the Comments pane.

PSPad - Matching Bracket

Scrivener 1.9.9 - Merge documents

Sublime Text - Jump to closing parentheses. Repeat to jump to opening parentheses

TextRoom - Minimize TextRoom

TreePad Lite - Minimize to tray


Adobe Animate CC (Windows) - Modify movie properties

Adobe Photoshop CC - Open the Curves dialog box

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Media...

Affinity Photo - Curves (Adjustment)

Autodesk Maya 2019 - Show/hide main menu bar

Blender - Mirror object over an axis

Corel Painter - Screen toggle mode

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 - Use bullets

GIMP - Merge visible layers

Gmsh 4.1.4 - Minimize window

Gravit Designer - Merge selection

IrfanView - Open random image from current directory

Krita 4.2.2 - Color Adjustment curves…

LDCad - Open the selection move dialog

LDView - MPD model selection

Navisworks Freedom 2020 - Displays the Merge dialog box.

Paint.NET - Merge layer down

PaintShop Pro 2018 - Flip horizontal

QCad 3.22.0 - Focus on command line

Shotcut - Toggle Mute track

Shotcut (Mac) - Toggle Mute track

Siemens NX - Modelling

System tools

Command Line - Enter or exit mark mode. In mark mode you can use arrow keys to navigate around in the window

Everything - Toggle match diacritics

SyncBack - Modify selected profile

SyncBack - Modify

Developer tools

Atom (Windows) - The cursor goes to the matching top bracket that the cursor is encapsulated in

Atom (Windows) - (Source: Bracket Matcher) bracket-matcher:go-to-matching-bracket

Chrome DevTools - Go to matching bracket

CoffeeCup HTML Editor - Insert image

Delphi - Insert new line (same as Enter)

Eclipse - Maximize or restore current editor window (also works with other windows)

FBIde - Comment selected text/line

FileMaker - Timestamp

Git Tower (Windows) - Merge

Jupyter Notebook - Command mode

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Format.CheckMnemonics

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Image.MagnificationTool

PyCharm 2018.2 - Scroll a line at caret to the center of the screen.

Qt Creator - Toggle bookmark

Qt Creator - Add bookmark in Help mode

SAP ABAP - Adopt the size of the current editor, view, and so on to the maximum screen size

Skipper - Create Many-to-Many

SmartGit 19 - Merge

SQLyog - Create A New Connection

Toad For Oracle (Windows) - Execute Explain Plan on the current statement

TouchDesigner - Export Movie

Visual Studio Code (Linux) - Toggle Tab moves focus

Visual Studio Code (Windows) - Toggle Tab moves focus

Windows PowerShell ISE - (Script pane) Expand or Collapse Outlining

WinHex - Position manager

winIDEA - Debug - Modify

Web applications

Facebook (Chrome) - Create a new message

FastMail - Format text

Gmail - Open spelling suggestions

Inoreader - Mark above as read

File manager

Far Manager - Restore previous selection

FileZilla - Manual transfer

Multi Commander - View - Menu Bar

Total Commander - Multi-­rename tool

Xyplorer - Selection Filter...

Xyplorer - Mouse Down Blow Up: Shrink to Fit

Media player

5KPlayer 6.0 - Open an audio file

AIMP - Audio Library

Amarok (Windows) - Show Menubar

BSPlayer - Mute

GOM Player - Sharpen

KMPlayer - Open WDM (TV) device

PotPlayer 1.7 - Temporary denoise

SMPlayer 19.5.0 - Mplayer / mpv log

VLC Media Player - Open messages


Assetto Corsa - Toggle mouse steering

ChessBase 13 - ° With compensation for material

Hearthstone - Toggle the option "Sound in Background" (experimental)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Master volume mute (mute all audio)

The Curse of Monkey Island - Move

The Secret of Monkey Island - Select mouse as default control

Tibia - Show server messages in the current channel

Total War: Attila - Auto-merge units

Total War: Attila - Select all infantry missile units

Warcraft III - Toggle music on/off

Social & Messaging

Cisco Webex - Mute or unmute the selected user

Claws Mail - Compose a new message

Claws Mail - Attach file

eM Client - Go to next line

NewsBin Pro - Launch associated applications

Pidgin - New instant message

Telegram - Iconify (minimize) Telegram

Zimbra Web Client - Action menu

Zimbra Web Client - Add attachment


Comodo IceDragon - Mute/Unmute Audio


Ableton Live 10 - Toggle MIDI Map Mode

Accounting CS - Toggle to hide or unhide the Comments frame

AutoQuotes - Show SpecSheet

Banner 9 (Windows, Mac) - Open Menu

Banner 9 (Windows, Mac) - Open Menu

Banner 9 (Windows, Mac) - Open Menu

CintaNotes 3.13 - Merge two or more selected notes together. Text of the second and subsequent notes is appended to the text of the first (earliest) selected note, then the appended notes are removed since they are no longer necessary. Only enabled when two or more notes are selected.

CintaNotes 3.13 - Toggle various formatting on currently selected text.

Confluence - Insert files & images

draw.io - Edit metadata

Edraw Max 9.4 - Flip the selected shape or shapes horizontally

Evernote for Windows - Increase Indentation

Final Draft 11 (Windows) - Insert bookmark

FL Studio 20 - Toggle metronome

FL Studio 20 - Import MIDI file

Freemind - Decrease node font size

Google Translator Toolkit - Add comment

LibreOffice - Removes direct formatting from selected text or objects (as in Format - Clear Direct Formatting)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Slideshows) - Show or hide ink markup

MindMeister - Open Context Menu

MYOB AccountRight - Pay bills

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Check for new messages

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Start a send/receive

QuickBooks Desktop - To memorize the current transaction

REAPER - View: Toggle mixer visible

SharePoint - Indent a paragraph from the left.

Tableau - New worksheet

The Bat! - Mark as read

The Bat! - Mark all messages as read

Todoist - Add a comment to a newly created task (web, macOS, & Windows legacy only)

WavePad - Trim Start

Xactimate - Open Macros


FreeCAD 0.18 - Move

KiCad 5.0.2 - Move Item Exactly

Maple - Maple Input Mode

Onshape 1.98 - Mate connector

Onshape 1.98 - Mate connector

Tekla Structures 20 - Move

Tekla Structures 20 - Add to master drawing catalog

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