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Add new to-dos and organize them faster With those Wunderlist keyboard shortcuts. Note: Some shortcuts are specific to app or platform - be sure to check all shortcuts.

Ctrl + N

Add new To-do

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + L

Add a new List

Ctrl + D

Mark selected To-dos as "Completed"

Ctrl + S

Mark selected To-dos as "Starred"

Ctrl + A

Select all To-dos

Ctrl + ⬅ Backspace

Delete selected List or To-do

Ctrl + C

Copy selected To-do

Ctrl + V

Paste To-do

Ctrl + F




There are some additional shortcuts you can use in Wunderlist Windows 10 app. Here are all of them.
Ctrl + Q

Show activities

Ctrl + P

Show preferences

Ctrl + 1

Normal view

Ctrl + 2

Collapsed view

Ctrl + 2

Minified view

Some shortcuts are different in Mac. Here are all Mac shortcuts for Wunderlist
Ctrl + ⌥ Option + W

Quick add and search

⌘ Cmd + N

Add a new To-do

⌘ Cmd + L

Add a new list

⌘ Cmd + D

Complete selected To-dos

⌘ Cmd + F


⌘ Cmd + S


↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + A

Show activities

⌘ Cmd + 1

Normal view

⌘ Cmd + 2

Collapsed view

⌘ Cmd + 3

Minified view

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Program information

Program name: Wunderlist Wunderlist (General)

Wunderlist is a popular, cross-platform, free to use to-do list application. It has fast and easy to use interface, useful reminding, sharing and syncing features.

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Shortcut count: 25

How easy to press shortcuts: 88%

Platform detected: macOS

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squirrel says: 2 years ago 9/11/2018 8:01 PM
Is there a shortcut for collapsing the notes view?

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk Admin says in reply to : 2 years ago 9/13/2018 10:39 AM
Not that I know of, these are the all shortcuts available for now.

Thank you for asking us!