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- Shortcuts

Toggle visibility of sidepane(s)

Ctrl + F9

Show all sidepanes

Ctrl + Space

Toggle focus between index and buffer

Ctrl + Space

Open side pane if index is invisible

Ctrl + ⭾ Tab

Focus to the next inteface element (gtk default)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + ⭾ Tab

Focus to the previous interface element (gtk default)


Close sidepane (when focus is on a side pane)

Alt + Home

Go to the home page

Alt +

Go one page back in history

Alt +

Go one page forward in history

Alt +

Go one level up in the page hierarchy

Alt +

Go one page down in the page hierarchy

Alt + Page Up

Go to the previous page in the index

Alt + Page Down

Go to the next page in the index

Alt + D

Go to today's page

Ctrl + Q

Quit the application

Ctrl + W

Close window

Ctrl + F

Find in the current page

Ctrl + G

Find next

↑   Shift + Ctrl + G

Find previous

↑   Shift + Ctrl + F

Search in all pages

Ctrl + H

Find and Replace

Ctrl + S

Save page (forced)

↑   Shift + Ctrl + S

Save version...

Ctrl + R

Reload page (saves first)

Ctrl + J

Jump to page...  (either an existing or a new page)

Ctrl + L

Link selected text (follow selected text as link when read-only)

↑   Shift + Ctrl + L

Copy a link to the current page to the clipboard

Ctrl + E

Show the "edit link" dialog

Ctrl + D

Insert timestamp

Ctrl + 1

Make selected text a heading

or Ctrl + 2
or Ctrl + 3
or Ctrl + 4
or Ctrl + 5
Ctrl + 9

Make selected text normal

Ctrl + B

Make selected text strong

Ctrl + I

Make selected text italic

Ctrl + U

Make selected text underline (renders highlighted)

Ctrl + K

Make selected text strike-trough

Ctrl + T

Make selected text verbatim text (monospace font)

Ctrl + Z


↑   Shift + Ctrl + Z


or Ctrl + Y
↑   Shift + Ctrl + D

Show the calendar dialog


Show the manual


Rename current page


Find next (same as Ctrl + G)

↑   Shift + F3

Find previous (same as Ctrl + G)


Reload page (same as Ctrl + R)


Toggle checkbox item to 'OK'

↑   Shift + F12

Toggle checkbox item to 'NOK'

Also all the usual keybindings apply for the gtk text edit widget, thus bindings like Ctrl + C, Ctrl +X, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + A etc. work as expected.
Ctrl + L

Insert a link to the selected page

↑   Shift + Ctrl + L

Copy the selected page to clipboard

or Ctrl + C
Ctrl + F

Search in the page list as shown


Expand all


Collapse all


Toggle bullets for selected text


email-style quoting for selected text

⭾ Tab

Indent selected text

↑   Shift + ⭾ Tab

Unindent selected text

⬅ Backspace

Un indent selected text

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Program information

Program name: Zim Zim (Text editing)

Zim is a wiki-style text editor for desktop. Each wiki created with Zim can contain some basic text formatting and links to other pages. It is a free software licensed under GNU General Public License.

Web page: http://zim-wiki.org

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Shortcut count: 63

How easy to press shortcuts: 84%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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