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- Shortcuts
⤶ Enter

Open current item

Ctrl + Page Down

Open current item as folder inside 7-Zip

↑   Shift + ⤶ Enter

Open current item in new window


Open selected item with editor


Rename selected item


Copy selected items


Move selected items


Delete selected items

Ctrl + Z

Set comment for file


Create new folder

↑   Shift + F4

Create a new file

Alt + F4

Close the program

Ctrl + 1

Display items by using large icons

Ctrl + 2

Display items by using small icons

Ctrl + 3

Display items in a list

Ctrl + 4

Display items in a list with detailed information about each item

Ctrl + F3

Sort items by name

Ctrl + F4

Sort items by type

Ctrl + F5

Sort items by date

Ctrl + F6

Sort items by size

Ctrl + F7

Do not sort items


Switch On/Off second panel


Open root computer folder

⬅ Backspace

Open the folder one level up

Alt + F12

Open folder history

Ctrl + R

Refresh items list


Open 7-Zip Help

⭾ Tab

Switch between panels


Select / Deselect current item

↑   Shift + F10

Display the shortcut menu for the selected items

Right Ctrl + 0

...9: Open folder bookmark

or Alt + 0
↑   Shift + Right Ctrl + 0

...9: Create folder bookmark

or ↑   Shift + Alt + 0
Alt + F1

Edit the folder address on left panel

Alt + F2

Edit the folder sddress on right panel

Ctrl + +

(numpad)  Adjust optimal column width for items

Alt +

Open same folder in other panel

Alt + ←  →

Open current folder in other panel

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Program information

Program name: 7-Zip 7-Zip (File manager)

7-Zip is open source and archiving software. It can create compressed 7z files and extract from many archive formats including rar, zip, cab, arj.

Web page: http://www.7-zip.org

Shortcut count: 39

How easy to press shortcuts: 85%

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