What is Ctrl + F4 keyboard shortcut for?

This shortcut is used by 85 programs in our database.

General description for this shortcut: On tabbed interfaces, generally closes active tab

Popular programs using this shortcut

What this shortcut does in different programs?

  1. Microsoft Excel 2019 - Closes the selected workbook window
  2. Microsoft Word 2019 - Close the window
  3. Opera - Close active tab
  4. Total Commander - Sort by extension
  5. Visual Studio Code (Windows) - Close

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All programs using this shortcut, by category.


DOSBox - Update cached information about mounted drives. Useful if you changed something on a mounted drive outside of DOSBox. Also cycles through disk images mounted using IMGMOUNT

E-Sword - Dictionary maximized

Firefox Quantum - Close tab

Google Chrome - Close the current tab

Maxthon - Close the current tab

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Close tabs in the background

Mozilla Thunderbird - Close tab

Opera - Close active tab

Skype - Hide conversation

Vivaldi - Close tab

Vuze - Close current tab

Text editing

Adobe Acrobat 2017 (Windows and Unix) - Close current document

FocusWriter - Close

Microsoft FrontPage - Close a Web page.

Microsoft FrontPage - Close the active window.

Microsoft Word 2019 - Close the window

Notepad2 - Close file, identical with Ctrl + N

Nuance Power PDF - Close the document

PSPad - Close

Scrivener 1.9.9 - Close project

TextRoom - Find previous

Tomboy 0.23 - Close current note window

WordPerfect X8 - Close


ACDSee - Closes the current item

DraftSight 2019 - Exit the drawing

Inkscape - Close the dialog

Inkscape - Close document window

Paint.NET - Close image

PaintShop Pro 2018 - Close image

ProgeCAD - Close window

Substance Painter - Close project

System tools

KDE Plasma Desktop - Switch to Desktop 4

VMware Workstation 5.0 - Close the summary/console view for the selected virtual machine.

Developer tools

Android Studio - Close active editor tab

Atom (Windows) - core:close

FBIde - Close the active tab

FileMaker - Close a file or window

HeidiSQL - Close query tab

IntelliJ IDEA (Windows, Linux) - Close active editor tab

JetBrains WebStorm - Close active editor tab

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Window.CloseDocumentWindow

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (Most used shortcuts) - Window.CloseDocumentWindow

NetBeans - Close selected window

PyCharm 2018.2 - Close an active editor.

Qt Creator - Close current file

Roblox Studio - Close

SAP ABAP - Close

SmartGit 19 - Close

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - Close the current MDI child window

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - Close

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - Closes Activity Monitor

SQL Server Profiler - Close a trace window

SQLyog - Disconnect The Current Connection

Visual Studio Code (Windows) - Close

File manager

7-Zip - Sort items by type

Adobe Bridge CC - Output

PeaZip - Browse desktop

Total Commander - Sort by extension

WinSCP - Sort files in the active panel by extension

Xyplorer - Close Tab

Xyplorer - Close current tab

Media player

AIMP - Close playlist

BSPlayer - Close movie

Winamp - Close (hide) graphical equalizer


Battlezone 98 Redux - Select player / mapped group

Tibia - (Healing / Support) HMM

Social & Messaging

NewsBin Pro - Close window


Comodo IceDragon - Close Tab


Bluebeam Revu - Close current document

Browser tab management - Close tab

FL Studio 20 - Next empty pattern

LibreOffice - Closes the current document (close LibreOffice when the last open document is closed)

Microsoft Access 2019 - Close the active database window

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Closes the selected workbook window

MYOB AccountRight - Close window

QuickBooks Desktop - Close Active window

REAPER - Close current project tab

Sumatra PDF - Close current document

The Bat! - Reply to the sender

The Bat! - Automatic spell checking

yEd 3.19 - Close


Alteryx - Close open workflow

FreeCAD 0.18 - Close window

Maple - Close Current Worksheet

Solidworks 2019 - Close file

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