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Random Hulu shortcut

⤶ Enter   Select content, button, or link

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Random Tableau shortcut

Ctrl + E   Describe sheet

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Desmos Four-Function Calculator (macOS)

Random Desmos Four-Function Calculator (macOS) shortcut

⌘ Cmd + Z   Undo

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Serato DJ

Random Serato DJ shortcut

C   Play Sample (slot 3)

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High on Life (keyboard, Xbox)

Random High on Life (keyboard, Xbox) shortcut

  Previous weapon

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Random Ixion shortcut

S   Pan camera backward

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Kaspersky Internet Security

Random Kaspersky Internet Security shortcut

Del   Delete the next characters

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RPG Maker

Random RPG Maker shortcut

Ctrl + D   Open Dungeon Auto-generating

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NVDA Screen Reader

Random NVDA Screen Reader shortcut

F   Next form

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dbForge SQL Complete

Random dbForge SQL Complete shortcut

Esc   Closes the suggestion box without inserting any suggestion into code. If the suggestion box and/or parameter information hint is shown, the first pressing of Esc will close the hint first

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