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CoffeeCup HTML Editor

Random CoffeeCup HTML Editor shortcut

↑  Shift + Ctrl + F9   Thumbnail view

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The Sims 4

Random The Sims 4 shortcut

  (click on ground) Order Sim to go somewhere

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Minecraft Legends (Xbox Series X and S)

Random Minecraft Legends (Xbox Series X and S) shortcut


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Random Onyx shortcut

F1   User Definable

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Rii i8+ Mini

Random Rii i8+ Mini shortcut

Fn + F8   Turn on / off touchpad mouse

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Random Necesse shortcut

A   Move left

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Random VRChat shortcut

V   (when using toggle talk) Enable / Disable microphone

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Papers, Please (PC)

Random Papers, Please (PC) shortcut

  Enter Inspection mode and select item (from day 14)

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Random NoxPlayer shortcut

Ctrl + +   Add APK file

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