FlightGear controls

FlightGear controls

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22 months ago
- Shortcuts
Num 9


or Num 3
Num 4


or Num 6
Num 8


or Num 2
Num 0


or Num Enter
Num 5

Center aileron/elevator/rudder

Num 7

Elevator trim

or Num 1
↑   Shift + P

Toggle instrument panel on/off


Toggle 3D/2D cockpit (if both are available)

↑   Shift + S

Cycle panel style full/mini

↑   Shift + F5

Shift the panel in y direction

or ↑   Shift + F6
↑   Shift + F7

Shift the panel in x direction

or ↑   Shift + F8
↑   Shift + F3

Read a panel from a property list

Ctrl + C

Toggle panel/cockpit hotspot visibility


Minimize HUD

↑   Shift + I

Maximize HUD


Change color of HUD/toggle HUD off

or ↑   Shift + H

Zoom in

↑   Shift + X

Zoom out


Cycle view modes forth and back

or ↑   Shift + V
Ctrl + V

Reset view modes to pilot view


Increase visibility (fog)

↑   Shift + Z

Decrease visibility (fog)


Toggle menu on/off

Ctrl + A

Toggle altitude lock

Ctrl + G

Toggle glide slope lock (NAV 1)

Ctrl + H

Toggle heading hold

Ctrl + N

Toggle NAV 1 lock

Ctrl + S

Toggle autothrottle

Ctrl + T

Toggle terrain follow (AGL) lock

Ctrl + U

Add 1000 ft. to your altitude (emergency)


Toggle autopilot heading mode


Autopilot altitude dialog

  Use these keys when Autopilot is enabled.
Num 8

Altitude adjust

or Num 2
Num 4

Heading adjust

or Num 6
Num 9

Autothrottle adjust

or Num 3

Select 1st engine


Select 2nd engine


Select 3rd engine


Select 4th engine


Decrease magneto on selected engine


Increase magneto on selected engine


Select all engines


Fire starter on selected engine(s)

↑   Shift + M

Lean/Enrich selected engine mixture

or M
↑   Shift + N

Decrease/Increase selected propeller RPM

or N
↑   Shift + B

Toggle parking brake


Apply all brakes


Raise/lower landing gear

or ↑   Shift + G

Apply left brake (useful for differential braking)


Apply right brake (useful for differential braking)


Toggle tail-wheel lock


Extend flaps


Retract flaps


Pause simulation


Simulation speed up/slow down

or ↑   Shift + A

Clock speed up/slow down

or ↑   Shift + T
↑   Shift + F2

Save current flight to fgfs.sav

↑   Shift + F1

Restore flight from fgfs.sav


Save screen shot


Exit program

(click on the left side of a knob) Decrease setting (when clicked on a knob)

(click on the right side of a knob) Increase setting (when clicked on a knob)

Make larger changes

Mouse wheel can be used on some controls

Ctrl + C

Show panel / cockpit hotspots

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Program information

Program name: FlightGear FlightGear (Games)

FlightGear is a free and open source flight simulator software developed by FlightGear. The project was started on April 1996 by David Murr and first released in 1997. As of writing this page, the latest version was released 32 days ago.

Web page: home.flightgear.org

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Shortcut count: 90

How easy to press shortcuts: 77%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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