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- Shortcuts
Ctrl + T

Reload style sheet





Ctrl + G


Ctrl + D


Ctrl + +

Zoom in

Ctrl + -

Zoom out

Ctrl + K

Deselect all

Ctrl + A

Select all

Ctrl + R

Revert direction

P then O

(or type point) Draw point


(or type line) Draw line

or L then I
P then L

(or type polyline)  Draw polyline


(or type offset or parallel) Draw parallel line

or P then A

(or type arc)  Draw arc 3P

or A then R
C then I

(or type circle)  Draw circle

R then E then C

(or type rect or type rectangle)  Draw line rectangle

Type mtxt, mtext: Draw M text
T then X then T

(or type text) Draw text

H then A

(or type hatch) Draw hatch

F then H then L

Draw free line

S then P then L

(or type spline) Draw spline

S then T then P

(or type spline2) Draw spline points

Type ortho, perp: Draw line orthogonal
V then E then R

(or type vertical) Draw line vertical

H then O then R

(or type horizontal) Draw line horizontal

E then I

Draw ellipse inscribed

or I then E
B then I

(or type bisect) Draw line bisector

Type tanpc, tangentpc: Draw line tangent 1
Type poly2, polygon2v: Draw line polygon cor cor
P then P

Draw line parallel through

or P then T then P
C then 2

(or type circle2) Draw circle 2P

C then 3

(or type circle3) Draw circle 3P

C then T then 3

(or type tan3) Draw circle tan 3

Z then R

(or type regen or redraw) Zoom redraw

or R then G
Z then W

Zoom window

Z then A

Zoom auto

Z then P

Zoom pan

Z then V

Zoom previous


(or type undo) Edit undo

or O then O

(or type redo) Edit redo

or U then U

(or type kill) Edit kill all actions

D then A

Dim aligned

D then R

Dim linear

D then H

Dim linear horizontal

D then V

Dim linear vertical

L then D


T then M

(type trim) Modify trim

T then 2

Modify trim 2

or T then M then 2
M then V

Modify move

C then H

(or type fillet) (bug)  Modify bevel

M then I

Modify mirror


O Modify rotate

S then Z

Modify scale

S then S

Modify stretch

E then R

Modify delete

X then P

Blocks explode

D then I

Modify cut

or D then I then V
or C then U then T
M then P

(or type prop)  Modify entity

F then I

(or type fillet)  Modify round

M then A

(or type attr) Modify attributes

O then S

Snap free

or S then F
S then G

Snap grid

S then E

Snap endpoint

S then I

Snap intersection

S then C

Snap center

S then M

Snap middle

N then P

Snap on entity

or S then N
S then D

Snap dist

R then N

Restrict nothing

R then R

Restrict orthogonal

R then H

Restrict horizontal

R then V

Restrict vertical

R then Z

Set relative zero

T then N

Deselect all

S then A

Select all

D then P then P

(or type dist) Info dist

A then N then G

(or type angle) Info angle

A then R

(or type area) Info area

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Program name: LibreCAD LibreCAD (Imaging)

LibreCAD is a computer-aided design application for creating 2D graphics. It works on Windows, Linux, macOS and Unix.

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