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You'll probably want to use some keyboard shortcuts when reading a Kindle book. To avoid distractions because of using the mouse, take a look at the shortcuts below.

Ctrl + Alt + L

Go to Home

Ctrl + Q

Exit the Application





⭾ Tab

Move focus to next enabled control

Move the focus to the book above the current selection

Move the focus of the book to the right of the current selection

Move the focus of the book to the left of the current selection

Move the focus of the book below the current selection

Page Up

Scroll the list of books up one page (but do not change the current focus)

Page Down

Scroll the list of books down one page (but do not change the current focus)

⤶ Enter

Open selected book to last (go to last page read)

or Ctrl + O
Ctrl + Alt + R

Sort by Most Recent

Ctrl + Alt + T

Sort by Title

Ctrl + Alt + U

Sort by Author

Page Down

Next Page

Page Up

Previous Page

⬅ Backspace


Ctrl + +

Increase Font Size (doesn't work on comics or content for children)

Ctrl + -

Decrease Font Size (doesn't work on comics or content for children)

Ctrl + D


Ctrl + B

Open Notes and Marks (if closed)

Ctrl + B

Close Notes and Marks (if opened)

Ctrl + G

Go to Location

Ctrl + W

Close Book

Ctrl + F



Toggle Full-Screen Mode


Exit Full-Screen Mode

Alt + 1

Single Column

Alt + 2


Alt + 3


Ctrl + ↑   Shift + F

Open Flashcard Side Panel

Ctrl + Y

Open and close X-Ray for Textbooks (only works on eligible Textbooks)

Ctrl + Space

Flip Flashcards (only works when in the Flashcards deck)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + N

Export to Flashcards from Notebook (when using the Notebook)

Ctrl + Alt + E

Export notes from Notebook (when using the Notebook)

  To use these shortcuts, you must enable Text-to-Speech first. Press "Ctrl + T" or select the Tools menu and chose Start Text-to-Speech.
Ctrl + T

Toggle Text-to-Speech


Pause or resume reading (while in a book)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift +

Read the previous sentence

Ctrl + ↑   Shift +

Skip forward one sentence

↑   Shift + +

Increase speech rate

↑   Shift + -

Decrease speech rate

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + C

Toggle continuous reading

  Note: This feature only works on eligible Kindle content. You can configure the Text-to-Speech language from the System Preferences on your computer.

Go to the next table

↑   Shift + T

Go to the previous table

↑   Shift + +

Enter first cell

Ctrl + Alt +

Cell to right

Ctrl + Alt +

Cell to left

Ctrl + Alt +

Cell above

Ctrl + Alt +

Cell below


Next / Previous link

or ↑   Shift + K

Next / Previous image

or ↑   Shift + G

Exit table

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Program information

Program name: Kindle for PC (Productivity)

Kindle for PC allows ebooks from Amazon's store or personal ebooks to be read on a personal computer. Therefore it doesn't require the user to have a Kindle device.

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