Cisco IOS keyboard shortcuts

Cisco IOS

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
6 months ago
- Shortcuts

One character to the left

or Ctrl + B
Esc then B

Back one word

Esc then F

Forward one word

Ctrl + A

To the beginning of the line

Ctrl + E

To the end of the line

Scroll forward through previous commands

Scroll backwards through previous commands

Ctrl + P

Previous command

Ctrl + N

Next command

Ctrl + L

Reprint the line

Ctrl + R

Refresh (start a new line, with same command shown)

⭾ Tab

Command auto-complete

Ctrl + C

Exit / End config mode

Ctrl + Z

Apply the command line and exit from config mode (return to previleged EXEC mode)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + 6

Break sequence. Use to abort DNS lookups, traceroutes, pings

Esc then C

Make the letter at the cursor uppercase

Esc then L

Change the word at the cursor lowercase

Esc then U

Make the letter from the cursor to the end of the word uppercase


Delete character to the left of the cursor

or ⬅ Backspace
Ctrl + D

Delete character at the cursor

Ctrl + K

Delete all characters from the cursor to the end of the command line

Ctrl + U

Delete all characters from the cursor to the beginning of the command line

or Ctrl + X
Ctrl + W

Delete word to the left of the cursor

Esc then D

Delete from cursor to the end of the word

The buffer stores last 10 items deleted by Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U or Ctrl + X.
Buffer is very useful for using complex names in IOS.
Ctrl + Y

Paste most recent entry in the delete buffer ("Y" is for "Yank" from the buffer)

Esc then Y

Paste the previous entry in the delete buffer ("Y" is for "Yank" from the buffer)

Ctrl + T

Transpose mistyped character

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Program information

Program name: Cisco IOS (System tools)

Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) is a software family used on most Cisco Systems routers and Cisco network switches. IOS is a multitasking operating system that consists of routing, switching, internetworking and telecommunications functions. It is controlled by a command line interface.

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Shortcut count: 30

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