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- Shortcuts

Mouse left click

Move your character, talk to an NPC, select a target or option, and pick up items

Mouse double click

Attack a monster

Mouse right click + Mouse movement

Hold down and move mouse to control camera

Mouse wheel up and down

Zoom in and out

Mouse left click + Mouse right click

Click both at the same time to jump

Mouse right click

Right click on a player to open the Player Interaction Menu. Trade, Add to Friends List, Party Invite, Guild Invite, Duels, Following, View Equipment and Cheer

Ctrl + Mouse left click

Select player to PK or to ress red player (available on PK Yetti only)

Alt + Mouse left click

Follow a character or do a command


…to F10: Act as hotkeys for items, motions, and skills placed in your Quick Slot Bar. (In order to remove something from the bar, unlock the lock and drag it off the bar.)

0 - 9

Act as hotkeys for items, motions, and skills placed in your Quick Slot Bar. (In order to remove something from the bar, unlock the lock and drag it off the bar.)


Activate the skills you have assigned to your Action Slot (located bottom right)


Open the Duration window

⤶ Enter

Activate the Chat Box and enter any text you have typed. Note that if you press the arrow down key, you will access previous chats that you have imputed


Deselect a targeted player, monster, item, or NPC


Hide all currently open windows

Print Screen

Make a screenshot of the current screen. The screenshot is saved in C:\Program Files\Webzen\Flyff\Capture by default


Take a screenshot


Save your current location


Toggle skill bar

or 2
or 3
or 4

Moves your character forward. Pressing W twice will cause your character to walk or run forward continuously. (Auto-run) While flying, pressing W will tilt your character forward


Rotates your character to the left. This key also applies while your character is in a forward motion, and will turn your character to the left as you hold the key


Moves your character backwards. While flying, pressing D will tilt your character backward


Standing: Rotates your character to the left. Walking/Running: Makes your character move to the left. Flying: Leans your character to the left

Alt + Mouse left click

Follow a character or do a command


Switch between Run mode and Walk mode. During flight, it can be used to activate the AccelorFuel for your flying device


Locks your camera onto an aerial target during flying combat

⭾ Tab

Toggle between valid aerial targets during flying combat



← ↑ → ↓

Control the direction and angle of the camera

Scroll Lock

Places the camera into First Person mode. Pressing the button repeatedly will cause the camera to zoom in

Page Up

Focuses the camera on your character. Hold the key down to zoom in on your character further.

Page Down

Pull the camera away from your character. Hold the key down to pull all the way back from your character

Ctrl + F

Toggle frame rate display


Brings up your Quest Diary window.


Brings up your Personal Messenger window.


Brings up Eldin's Jar option.


Brings up your Inventory window.


Brings up your Party window.


Brings up your Guild window.


Brings up the Character Stat window.


Brings up the Skill Tree window.


Brings up the World Map.


Brings up the Navigator window.


Opens the Motion window


Brings up the Backpack window.


Brings up the Lord window. Note: Only the Lord can use this


Brings up the Couples window.


Brings up the Furniture window.


Brings up the Guild Furniture Storage window.

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Program information

Program name: Flyff (Games)

Flyff is a fantasy MMORPG developed by the Korean company Gala Lab. In Flyff (which is short for Fly for Fun), efficient playing requires working in groups to level up by killing monsters. The game was first released in August 2004.

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