Microsoft Hyper-V keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Hyper-V

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- Shortcuts
Press the hotkey (leftmost column) to send the indicated keyboard shortcut.
Ctrl + Alt + End

Send Ctrl + Alt + Del. Displays Task Manager or Windows Security dialog box

Alt + Page Up

Send Alt + Tab. Switches between programs

Alt + Page Down

Send Alt + Shift + Tab. Switches between programs in reverse order

Alt + Insert

Send Alt + Esc. Cycle between programs in the order they started

Alt + Home

Send Ctrl + Esc. Opens the Windows Start Menu

Ctrl + Alt + Pause

Toggle connection window full-screen mode

Ctrl + Alt +

Release mouse and keyboard focus from the connection window

Ctrl + O

Open the settings for the virtual machine

Ctrl + S

Start the virtual machine

Ctrl + N

Create a checkpoint

Ctrl + E

Revert to a checkpoint

Ctrl + C

Take a screen capture

By default, keyboard shortcuts with Windows key don't sent to Hyper-V virtual machine. This can be changed in Hyper-V Manager under Hyper-V Settings > Keyboard > Use on the virtual machine. Ctrl + Alt + Del will always go to host machine no matter what setting you have selected here.

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Program information

Program name: Microsoft Hyper-V Microsoft Hyper-V (System tools)

Microsoft Hyper-V is a virtualization software classed as native hypervisor. It can create virtual machines running Windows and Linux. It comes with Windows Server and Windows 10 Pro.

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How easy to press shortcuts: 77%

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