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↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + ?

Open the iMovie Help menu

⌘ Cmd + I

Import media

⌘ Cmd + E

Share the selection to iMovie Theater


Play video beginning from the frame beneath the playhead or skimmer


Play the selection


Play the selected event, clip, or project from the beginning

Move the playhead one frame forward

Move the playhead one frame backward

When playing a clip in the browser, jump forward to the next clip

When playing a clip in the timeline, jump to the beginning of the current clip, or jump to the previous clip if the playhead is near the beginning of the current clip

↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + F

Play the selected item full screen


Exit full screen view

⌘ Cmd + L

Loop playback

Control + Y

Show or hide clip information when skimming in the browser

⌘ Cmd + N

Create a new movie project

⌘ Cmd + Del

Move to Trash: Moves the selected clip, movie, trailer, or event to the Trash. If only part of a clip is selected, the entire clip is moved to the Trash

⌘ Cmd + ,

Open iMovie preferences

⌘ Cmd + A

Select all clips.  To select all clips in the timeline, first click anywhere in the timeline. To select all clips in the browser, first click anywhere in the browser


Select an entire clip

R +

(hold down R and drag) Select part of a clip

↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + A

Deselect all clips


Add the selection to the movie


Connect the selection to the clip at the playhead position


Insert the selection in the movie at the playhead position

↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + E

Automatically improve the video and audio quality of the selected clip

⌘ Cmd + X

Cut the selected frames

⌘ Cmd + C

Copy the selected frames

⌘ Cmd + /

Paste the selected frames

⌥ Option + /

Trim a clip in the timeline to the selected range

⌘ Cmd + B

Divide a clip at the playhead position

⌥ Option + ↑   Shift + R

Reset speed adjustments

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + V

Paste all adjustments

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + C

Paste color correction adjustments

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + R

Paste crop adjustments

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + A

Paste volume adjustments

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + L

Paste the video effect

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + O

Paste the audio effect

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + S

Paste speed adjustments

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + U

Paste video overlay settings. Pastes adjustments, depending on which type of video is selected

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + M

Paste the map style


Rate the selection as favorite


Unmark selected frames


Rate the selection as rejected, or delete the selection from the timeline

⌘ Cmd + \

Open or close the clip trimmer when a clip is selected

⌘ Cmd + /

Open or close the precision editor


Open voiceover controls in the viewer

↑   Shift + S

Turn on or silence audio while skimming video

↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + M

Mute audio in a clip

⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + B

Detach audio from a clip

⌘ Cmd + Z

Undo the last action

↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + Z

Redo the last action

⌘ Cmd + C

Copy the selected text

⌘ Cmd + X

Cut the selected text

⌘ Cmd + V

Paste the copied text

⌘ Cmd + M

Minimize the iMovie window


Go to Library view (the default main window view)


Go to Projects view


Go to iMovie Theater

↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + 1

Show or hide the Libraries list

⌘ Cmd + 1

Show my media in the browser

⌘ Cmd + 2

Show audio in the browser

⌘ Cmd + 3

Show titles in the browser

⌘ Cmd + 4

Show maps and backgrounds in the browser

⌘ Cmd + 5

Show sound effects in the browser

⌘ Cmd + 6

Show transitions in the browser

↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + F

Play the selected item full screen

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Program name: Apple iMovie Apple iMovie (Imaging)

iMovie is a video editing software developed by Apple. Since version 3, it's a macOS-only application included with the iLife software suite. From 2003, iMovie is included as free with all new Macs.

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