What is ↑   Shift + ⌘ Cmd + Z keyboard shortcut for?

This shortcut is used by 44 programs in our database.

There isn't any generic description for this shortcut.

Popular programs using this shortcut

What this shortcut does in different programs?

  1. Xcode - Redo
  2. Google Sheets (Mac) - Redo
  3. DaVinci Resolve 15 (Mac) - Redo
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) - Redo
  5. Cisco Webex - Redo the last action

All programs

All programs using this shortcut, by category.


Apple iBooks - Redo the last action

Waze Map Editor - Redo

Text editing

Ace Editor (Mac) - Redo

TextMate - Redo


Adobe Animate CC (Mac) - Remove Transform

Adobe Animate CC (Mac) - Remove rotation or scaling from the selected objects

Adobe Dimension CC (Mac) - Redo

Adobe Illustrator (Mac) - Redo

Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) - Redo

Adobe XD (Mac) - Redo

Apple iMovie - Redo the last action

Autodesk SketchBook (Mac) - Redo

Canva (Mac) - Redo

Corel Painter (Mac) - Auto clone

DaVinci Resolve 15 (Mac) - Redo

Final Cut Pro X - Redo the last command

Pixelmator Pro - Redo last action

Shotcut (Mac) - Redo

Xcode - Redo

Xcode - Reverse the effect of the last Undo command (equivalent to the Redo command)

Developer tools

App Maker - Redo

AWS Cloud9 IDE (Mac) - Redo

Coda for iOS - Redo

CodeMirror - Redo the last undone change

CoffeeCup Web Editor - Redo

Looker 6.8 (Mac) - Redo

RStudio (Mac) - Redo

Unity - (Mac only) Redo

Web applications

Elementor - Redo

Pocket for Mac - Redo

Webflow - Redo (Mac)

Social & Messaging

Cisco Webex - Redo the last action


Apple GarageBand - Redo

Apple Pages - Redo the last action

Confluence (Mac) - Redo

Final Draft 11 (Mac) - Redo

Google Sheets (Mac) - Redo

iPad Smart Keyboard - Redo

Melodyne 4 (Mac) - Redo

OmniFocus 3.3 (iOS) - Redo

Tableau (Mac) - Redo

Tableau (Mac) - Redo

Things (iPad) - Redo


GeoGebra - Redo

Note: This page includes variations for Shift + Command + Z
Command + Shift + Z
Shift + Command + Z. Restrict to only Shift + Command + Z.

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